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R. F. Delderfield (1912–1972)

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R. F. Delderfield also wrote the novels God Is an Englishman and Theirs Was the Kingdom in the saga of the Swann family


Obras por R. F. Delderfield

To Serve Them All My Days (1972) 874 exemplares
God Is an Englishman (1970) 674 exemplares
Theirs Was the Kingdom (1971) 434 exemplares
Give Us This Day (1973) 318 exemplares
Long Summer Day (1966) 293 exemplares
Diana (1960) 235 exemplares
Post of Honour (1966) 227 exemplares
The Green Gauntlet (1968) 221 exemplares
The Dreaming Suburb (1958) 213 exemplares
The Avenue Goes to War (1971) 204 exemplares
Seven Men of Gascony (1949) 131 exemplares
Too Few For Drums (1964) 123 exemplares
Farewell the Tranquil Mind (1950) 91 exemplares
Napoleon's Marshals (1962) 84 exemplares
Come Home Charlie and Face Them (1969) 83 exemplares
Return Journey (1967) 77 exemplares
Mr Sermon (1963) 73 exemplares
Napoleon in Love (1959) 39 exemplares
Give Us This Day, Part 1 of 2 (1974) 32 exemplares
All over the town (1974) 23 exemplares
For My Own Amusement (1968) 23 exemplares
Stop at a Winner (1961) 15 exemplares
The Golden Millstones (1964) 13 exemplares
Retreat from Moscow (1967) 13 exemplares
Overture for Beginners (1970) 6 exemplares
The Unjust Skies (1962) 6 exemplares
There Was a Fair Maid Dwelling (1960) 5 exemplares
Under an English Sky (1964) 3 exemplares
Nobody Shouted Author (1951) 2 exemplares
Too Few For Men 1 exemplar
Tales Out of School (1963) 1 exemplar
The Avenue Story 1 exemplar
Queen Came by (1949) 1 exemplar

Associated Works

A Horseman Riding By [1978 TV mini series] (2015) — Original book — 16 exemplares
Carry on Sergeant [1958 film] (1958) — original novel — 10 exemplares


Conhecimento Comum

Nome canónico
Delderfield, R. F.
Nome legal
Delderfield, Ronald Frederick
Data de nascimento
Data de falecimento
Local de nascimento
Bermondsey, London, England, UK
Local de falecimento
Sidmouth, Devon, England, UK
Causa da morte
lung cancer
Locais de residência
London, England, UK
Sidmouth, Devon, England, UK
Addiscombe, England, UK
West Buckland School
editor (newspaper)
antique dealer
Delderfield, Eric R. (brother)
Evans, May (wife)
Royal Air Force (WWII)
Exmouth Chronicle

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R.F. (Ronald Frederick) Delderfield was born in South London. The family moved to Devon when he was a child and he attended the West Buckland School. After leaving school, he became a junior reporter for his father's newspaper, the Exmouth Chronicle, and eventually rose to become its editor. He then began to write stage plays and became a highly successful novelist, renowned for his portrayals of slices of English life. His multi-novel sagas, including A Horseman Riding By (1966–1968), a trilogy consisting of Long Summer's Day, Post of Honour and The Green Gauntlet, made him one of Britain's most popular authors, and his books are still widely read. Many of his works were adapted for British television. His autobiography, For My Own Amusement, was published in 1972.



British Author Challenge May 2023: Jan Morris & R.F. Delderfield em 75 Books Challenge for 2023 (Junho 2023)


R. F. Delderfield was not on my radar at all but I dove into Long Summer Day for the BAC. It was just a wonderful, sprawling novel about England at the turn of the century. Paul Craddock is home from the Boer War, healing from a leg injury, and wondering what to do with himself when his father's partner in the scrap iron business arrives to take charge. Craddock ends up as Squire of an estate in rural Devonshire. From there, life unfolds for Paul and the families that work the land. The story basically moves from the coronation of Edward VII to that of George V. I thoroughly enjoyed it and am looking forward to the next two books in the series as my own long summer days spread out.… (mais)
witchyrichy | 4 outras críticas | Jun 9, 2023 |
A well done look at an English school for boys, taking place between the two world wars of the twentieth century. I never felt like putting it down, it kept me interested, even enthralled at times. Some of the slang confused me at first, but most became clear in the context.
fuzzi | 19 outras críticas | Jan 21, 2023 |
I read this many years ago when I was in high school, but I could never remember the title until now (I knew the author). It was enjoyable but I sure can't recall the details. One of my first samplings of historical novels, I think.
kslade | 2 outras críticas | Dec 8, 2022 |
I must confess to being very happy to finish this trilogy. It started out quite promising, book two less so, and book three very disappointing. Delderfield felt it was necessary to revisit every incident from the first two books, stopped for endless history lessons, and seemed at a complete loss as to what to do with all the myriad characters he had created.

I cannot help thinking there was a good germ of an idea for these novels that got buried early on. He invented some interesting characters that he just dropped, presumably because he either did not know what to do with them or could not fit them into his desire to pursue a historical thread Delderfield seemed to be determined to have a personal connection for each historical event of the century, and that required too many characters, for which there was far too little development. You could not care about any one character, because the author was too quickly off to someone else.

For me, there is one cardinal rule in fiction, that being that there must be consistency. You cannot tell me that a character is a certain thing and then have them do something that is contrary to that without offering me an explanation. I caught Delderfield doing this frequently.

Having a reading partner was a great relief. She brought a sense of humor to the journey, and she kept me willing to continue reading. So, thank you, Lori. On to better things!
… (mais)
mattorsara | 1 outra crítica | Aug 11, 2022 |



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