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Blackburn (1993) 205 exemplares
Lunatics (1996) 140 exemplares
Wrack and Roll (1986) 95 exemplares
Laughin' Boy (2005) 32 exemplares
A Conflagration Artist (1993) 27 exemplares
The Territory [short fiction] (2005) 18 exemplares
Sergeant Chip and Other Novellas (2014) 15 exemplares
Blackburn's Lady (2001) 9 exemplares

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Fun book. I am not a fan of science fiction but was drawn to this because of its title. Originally read it when it came out in 1991. TV all over the world is interrupted by a broadcast that appears to be Buddy Holly. It is determined that he is on Ganymede, one of Jupiter's moons. He spends his time singing songs and talking. The book relates the effect this has on the world and one person in particular, Oliver Vale, who has a connection to Buddy Holly. Fun, quick read with Vale's adventures and a lot of humor thrown in.… (mais)
Nefersw | 7 outras críticas | Jan 14, 2022 |
All of us have thought about killing other people. It might be the mechanic who cheated you, the professor who unfairly gave you a bad grade, etc. That being said, Blackburn is a book in which the main character actually acts upon these urges.

Jimmy Blackburn has been put down all his life. His parents abuse him, and he's looked at as a failure in life. So, when a cruel police officer harasses him outside a church, Blackburn, having had enough, kills him. This begins a crusade against unfairness and immorality in society. Blackburn begins a crusade against those who wrong others and him.

The story is horrifying and thought provoking at the same time. Blackburn rises against society's ills. However, as the book winds down, he is seen not as a public crusader, but as a serial killer. Are his actions wrong because society doesn't condone murder or is he providing a public service by disposing of some of the scum out there? I found myself asking this question after finishing this book.
Read this now. It is not an easy read, but you will be the better for it once you finish.
… (mais)
reenum | 3 outras críticas | Nov 1, 2020 |
It's funny, exciting, and I like the way it seamlessly blends golden age sc-fi, new wave sci-fi, and new-age themes into something wholly unique. It would have been a five-star book if not for two things:

1. Gretchen. I don't appreciate her characterization at all.

2. Sharon's POV chapters. I didn't really see the significance. While everything else came together really well, hers seemed like outliers. I didn't have a problem with her as a character, but her POV chapters seemed unnecessary.… (mais)
widdersyns | 7 outras críticas | Jul 19, 2020 |
Oliver Vale was conceived on the night Buddy Holly died in 1959. 30 years later, a broadcast of Holly interrupts regular TV programming. Holly says to contact Oliver Vale for assistance. It becomes apparent that this was no local broadcast interruption, but worldwide, and that it in fact originates from Ganymede, one of Jupiter’s moons. And it shows no sign of stopping.

Now everyone from the FCC to a Bible-thumping preacher with a broad reach to coach potatoes worldwide blames Vale for not being able to watch their regular shows. Vale goes on the run and has to contend with a bald hitman, a robot doberman, and a very angry Republican woman who uses the most creative swears and insults I have ever encountered. All this is interspersed with flashbacks to Vale's odd upbringing by a woman obsessed with rock and roll who was convinced that Atlanteans (of the famously lost city) are trying to get in contact with her and others of the world. What if she was right?

My dad recommended this book to me, which just goes to show how well he knows me. I have never read a weirder book than this one, and considering my reading tastes, that's really saying something. There was a rumor about a film version of this book bouncing around a few years ago. If it ever actually sees the light of day, I will be first in line to buy a ticket. It's weird and wonderful and funny. If you want a good laugh or just enjoy Buddy Holly, you should give this book a read.
… (mais)
Jessiqa | 7 outras críticas | Apr 3, 2018 |



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