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En 2007, la historia de un gato muy especial dio la vuelta al mundo. Oscar, uno de los gatos que vive en una residencia geriátrica de Rhode Island, cerca de Nueva York, posee un don increíble: es capaz de sentir cuándo un paciente está a punto de fallecer. Este gato tan especial acompaña al enfermo en su tránsito al otro mundo, aportándole un discreto pero agradecido consuelo. A raíz de la gran repercusión de ese caso, el doctor David Dosa, alguien no especialmente amante de los felinos y más bien escéptico de los dones extraordinarios, decide relatar la historia de Oscar, pero también la de su trabajo: un oficio duro que consiste en hacer lo menos penoso posible los últimos años de vida de los pacientes, pero también resulta tremendamente gratificante.… (mais)
Natt90 | 125 outras críticas | Jan 27, 2023 |
This is NOT a book "about" Oscar the cat. This book would be better classified as a Biomem about Dr. David Dosa, a doctor who treats patients with Dementia. Oh, and he sometimes talks about Oscar the cat.

This is a 1-star book because it isn't what it claims to be, however, I'm giving it 2-stars because I learned something that I think is highly valuable.

Do not argue with someone with Dementia to try to convince them of something they are unable to remember, including a family member/spouse. If someone tried to convince YOU that the stranger in the room is someone you have been married to for 40 years, you too would become agitated and upset and angry. Instead of trying to convince them of something they are unable to recall, REDIRECT. Change the subject. This will help calm them down and alleviate the urgency of the situation.… (mais)
sentryrose | 125 outras críticas | Nov 30, 2022 |
This was okay. Making Rounds with Oscar is supposed to be about a cat who seemingly knows when patients are nearing the end of their life.
What it's actually about is Dr. Dosa and his work treating dementia patients, dealing with patients families as they struggle with the impending loss of their loved ones, and his own coming to terms with his arthritis.
It became clear early on this wasn't actually about a cat - the patient stories were heartfelt and the information on dementia and Alzheimer's was very interesting so I continued on.… (mais)
NicholeReadsWithCats | 125 outras críticas | Jun 17, 2022 |
Not only did this tell the story of a cat who had special feelings for the dying, but it also spoke of what people go through when they have loved ones with dementia. It was sad at places, but very informative.
Wren73 | 125 outras críticas | Mar 4, 2022 |



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