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I enjoyed Escaping Exodus so much that I knew I had to read more from Nicky Drayden, and seriously this cover is just beyond captivating, so here I am!

A lot of what I loved about Exodus I also loved here — the joyously, spectacularly weird world building, the blend of fantasy and science fiction elements, the ties to traditions unfamiliar to me but that feel grounded and weighty. PlusExodus — certain scenes almost feel like you're watching them unfold on the big screen.

Some of the characters I did not particularly enjoy spending time with — there is real evil in this book. But it never got to a deal-breaking point for me, and I was definitely always invested in where it was going.

More people should be talking about Nicky Drayden.
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greeniezona | 19 outras críticas | Feb 9, 2024 |
There are a considerable number of things happening in this book and the plot went a little out of control in the end but it was still an interesting and entertaining read.
mmcrawford | 19 outras críticas | Dec 5, 2023 |
The sequel to Escaping Exodus]. If you thought things would be "fixed" or even "better" after the end of the first book, woo! Would you be wrong!

I thought this volume felt a little bit rushed at times, but only because it is LITERALLY EXPLODING with ideas at all times. More politics, more societal implications of taking on refugees, but also even more biological weirdness.

Seriously some of the most imaginative scifi I have ever read.
greeniezona | May 12, 2023 |
Such an a-MEI-zing story, true to its universe and Blizzard's beautiful storytelling techniques. The beginning was simple and heartwarming, the middle kept me constantly willing to find out what will happen next and the ending left me with the uplifting effect of feeling like a hero. I loved Efi's character, I could see my ambitions in her coding and robot-making abilities, but also in all her hopes for the betterment of her community and her fears of not belonging and of failure. I was happy when she was happy, sad when she was sad, and was fangirling hard when she (SPOILER-but minor)...

...met Lucio, her favourite music artist in the flesh!! I enjoyed all the mentions to the in-game voice-lines and also their fighting abilities which were acurate to the game. The small metions of Torbjorn and (presumably, in my opinion) Sombra (still not sure it was her though, perhaps she wasn't bcz it it was her, her code wouldn't be as easy for a 12-year-old genius to break it, however smart she is, Sombra is the ultimate internet hacker) entertained me, as also the newly added characters that had a connection to Efi and were anti-heros (spoiler without context).

Overall, this book taught me a few things about Nigeria's culture, like the naira, their money unit (1 naira= 0.0023 euro and 0.0026$ , yes, I looked it up), some of the daily outfits and the mouth-watering foods and desserts, for which I want to find good recipes and test them as soon as possible.

I'm from Greece, so I knew little things about the culture of west Africa.
Some food I learned from this book are:



Fried plantain.

Egusi stew.


I also like to highlight that Overwatch (and Blizzard) know what they're doing, since they confided the author AND coder Nicky Drayden to write this fantastic Orisa book.

I want to talk about many references in the book to the game, but for now, I will let you enjoy this book's magic on your own.

… (mais)
Ihaveapassion | 3 outras críticas | Oct 25, 2022 |



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