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Von Drehle, David
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Von Drehle, Dave
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Denver, Colorado, USA
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Washington, D.C., USA
University of Denver
Oxford University
Editor-at-Large for Time Magazine



Molto deluso, a conferma che spesso le recensioni entusiastiche in sede di propoaganda sono inversamente proporzionali alla qualità del libro.
Purtroppo i ricordi dell'ultracentenario Charlie sono pesantemente annacquati e diluiti da tante considerazioni storiche, geografiche, sociali inserite dall'autore, lasciando meno spazio a tali ricordi.
Poche frasi interessanti da salvare.
ginsengman | Jun 10, 2024 |
Two stars - it was OK. I didn’t enjoy this book as much as I expected. It felt like a “bait and switch.” Yes, it’s the story of Charlie White’s life as told by Charlie to author David Von Drehle. But David included his own perspective into this less-than-200-page book. In addition to Charlie’s anecdotes and reminiscences, which he selected and polished and told through the lens of time, David adds his own conjectures of what probably happened, what Charlie must have meant, and even does research to find out how accurate some of the stories are. I felt that this was invasive and disrespectful of Charlie’s trust and confidences.

What I did like was how David included historical background and information that helped put Charlie’s experiences in perspective. For instance, Charlie went to medical school and became a doctor before the discovery of penicillin and other antibiotics, during the early days of anesthesia, before open heart surgery, etc. Amplifying Charlie’s experience with David’s explanations of medical procedures and treatment from the early 1900s until after World War II made me realize that until the 1950s the US often had no better treatment to offer than a third world country. While this was interesting, sometimes David’s historical background and research got off track and was less about Charlie and more about what interested David.

I had the feeling while reading that David considered Charlie as a resource, someone he could capitalize on as the subject of a book. Above all else, regardless of how David spun the story, it seems that Charlie’s biggest accomplishment was living to 109 years old.

Our 10-member book club read this and had lots of opinions. Not everyone liked the book, or the author, but we all had plenty to discuss without even referring to the discussion questions. (A first).

If you are considering reading this book, just be aware there is less of Charlie in this book than there is of author David Von Drehle. For every bit of “wisdom” shared by Charlie, there are David’s speculations and assumptions.
… (mais)
PhyllisReads | 6 outras críticas | May 17, 2024 |
It was a good book.
Ferg.ma | Apr 13, 2024 |
A truly remarkable story about a man who lived through the majority of the 20th Century. Born in middle America, Charlie traveled to LA, attended Northwestern University, became a doctor, and served in the war. He was also married several times.
I found this story to be fascinating, esp. with all the unique things that Charlie did. Very enjoyable story about this remarkable man.
Lesson to all - speak to your elders and learn their story. They are fascinating!!! Cherish those that have gone before us and paved the way.… (mais)
rmarcin | 6 outras críticas | Dec 15, 2023 |



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