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I received a copy of Learning to Swim through LibraryThing's Early Reviewers program. Found this account of three generations learning to cope with one another and the changes in their lives very readable and relatable (although I like to think that I'd know better than to get involved in a relationship with the boss). Shows the "sandwich" generation stress and realistic (to me) depictions of the younger and older generations in that sandwich coming to terms with the inevitable passing of time. I'll be hoping the sequel (?) gives us more Ida/grandma story. I'd like to dig around there more .... so much more to her than we've been given so far.… (mais)
LisbethE | 21 outras críticas | May 21, 2024 |
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Thank you Egret Lake Books and Early Readers for the chance to read this story. This book is about moms and daughters. Old life tramas. How even small ones can determine the way we cope and relate to others in our future. It's also about women empowering themselves. This book is packed with lifes lessons without being over bearing. It's quick to read with short chapters and heartwarming in places. This would be a good book for a book club discussion.
theeccentriclady | 21 outras críticas | May 1, 2024 |
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What a great debut from Shayla Dugan. Such an engaging story of mother/daughter relationships told by three generations. Dugan was able to tell the story of Ida, Gabrielle and Juniper from each perspective with ease. Even though the ages varied from 13-75, I found each story to be relatable and connected to each character.
ronicaarias | 21 outras críticas | Apr 30, 2024 |
Have you been searching for a gripping and thought-provoking read? Look no further than "When We Were Silent" by Fiana Phillips. Despite my initial doubts about a heavy topic, I was thoroughly captivated by India Mullen's exceptional narration. Her voice is truly remarkable, and it drew me in from the start. In fact, she has now become my favorite audiobook narrator.

The novel takes place in Dublin and tells the stories of several girls who attend the prestigious Highfield Manor School. The two main characters, Shauna and Louisa (Lou), will leave you heartbroken by the traumas they have endured in their young lives. Fast forward thirty years, and Lou faces a life-changing decision that will have profound consequences for herself and her daughter. Does she have the courage to confront Highfield Manor and its current and past teachers?

Phillips' book is a potent and emotionally charged narrative, bravely tackling the challenging themes of exploitation and retribution. These are issues that often go unspoken, but this novel shines a piercing light on them. It is a must-read for those seeking a story that will leave a lasting impression. I cannot stress its importance enough. Give it a chance, and you will be moved.
… (mais)
Spiritrider1101 | 21 outras críticas | Apr 20, 2024 |