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Alexandre Dumas (2) (1824–1895)

Autor(a) de Camille: The Lady of the Camellias

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Alexandre Dumas (2) foi considerado como pseudónimo de Alexandre Dumas fils.

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Outros nomes
Dumas, Alexandre, fils
Data de nascimento
Data de falecimento
Localização do túmulo
Cimetière de Montmartre, Paris, France
País (no mapa)
Local de nascimento
Paris, France
Local de falecimento
Marly-le-Roi, Yvelines, France
Dumas, Alexandre père (father)
Dumas, Thomas-Alexandre (grandfather)



This famous novel doesn't quite stand up on its own. It's goosed, so to speak, by having being based on a titillating real-life affair between the author and a notorious but upper-demimonde courtesan, one widely admired in the Paris of the time for her unearthly beauty and impeccable style. The novel also stands in the shadow of Manon Lescaut by Abbé Prévost, which is one of the most famous tragic romances in all literature and which happens to play a considerable rôle in this one.

Anyone interested in sample this short, florid tale is highly recommended to read Manon first. You won't be disappointed! Having enjoyed that masterpiece, one of my all-time favorite books, I predict you will then find this one a tasty bonbon.
… (mais)
Cr00 | 58 outras críticas | Apr 1, 2023 |
La dama de las camelias está inspirada en la figura de Marie Duplessis y parte de los acontecimientos que aparecen en los diferentes capítulos reflejan algunos de los hechos tal y como ocurrieron en la vida real. Marie Duplessis, al igual que la señorita Gautier, fue amante de los hombres más importantes y brillantes de su época, mujer de extremada sensibilidad y bien formada.
Natt90 | 58 outras críticas | Jan 20, 2023 |
A view into the life of a sex worker in Paris in the 19th century. Her lifestyle required $100,000 francs a year to support; you can imagine the balancing act she had to keep up. She was 20 years old, beautiful, intelligent, but sick with tuberculosis, and a young man of modest means wanted her all to himself. The sh*thead never realized the sacrifice she made for him. Ah well.
Dumas fils writes so descriptively of Marguerite; what is hard to take is the attitude on the part of men that she is somehow less than her non-sex-worker counterparts. Shades of Sor Juana...Why do they create this job in society yet want to blame the woman who fills it?… (mais)
burritapal | 58 outras críticas | Oct 23, 2022 |
Alejandro Dumas representa lo más significativo de la novela francesa del romanticismo, y la Dama de las Camelias es una de sus obras más célebre. Las veleidades de una cortesana voluble se convierten en amor verdadero y capaz de suscitar un drama en el que las apariencias y las convenciones sociales desempeñarán un papel decisivo.
JanRE | 58 outras críticas | Mar 14, 2022 |



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