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Carola Dunn was born in England on November 14, 1946. She received a B.A. in Russian and French from Manchester University and took a secretarial course for graduates at Oxford Tech. She traveled to numerous places around the world including Samoa and Fiji before getting married and settling in mostrar mais California. Prior to becoming a full-time writer, she worked in child-care, market research, construction, and wrote definitions for a science and technology dictionary. Her first book, Toblethorpe Manor, was published in 1979. Since then, she has written over 50 books including more than 30 Regency romances and the Daisy Dalrymple mystery series. (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos


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Death at Wentwater Court (1994) 832 exemplares
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Requiem for a Mezzo (1996) 429 exemplares
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Gunpowder Plot (2006) 262 exemplares
Black Ship (2008) 260 exemplares
The Case of the Murdered Muckraker (2002) 258 exemplares
The Bloody Tower (2007) 258 exemplares
A Mourning Wedding (2004) 248 exemplares
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Anthem for Doomed Youth (2011) 224 exemplares
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Superfluous Women (2015) 167 exemplares
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A Colourful Death (2010) 135 exemplares
The Valley of the Shadow (2012) 115 exemplares
The Corpse at the Crystal Palace (2018) 113 exemplares
Buried in the Country (2016) 72 exemplares
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Lavender Lady (1983) 55 exemplares
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The Captain's Inheritance (1994) 46 exemplares
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The Babe and the Baron (1997) 43 exemplares
My Lord Winter (1992) 41 exemplares
Two Corinthians (1989) 41 exemplares
Ginnie Come Lately (1993) 40 exemplares
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Once Upon a Time (1998) 33 exemplares
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Angel (1984) 33 exemplares
The Frog Earl (1992) 33 exemplares
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A Lord for Miss Larkin (1991) 32 exemplares
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A Poor Relation (1990) 31 exemplares
The Road to Gretna (1992) 30 exemplares
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Smugglers' Summer (1987) 29 exemplares
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Lady in the Briars (1990) 28 exemplares
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Once Upon a Waltz (2001) 25 exemplares
The Fortune-Hunters (1991) 22 exemplares
A Mother's Joy (1994) — Contribuidor — 18 exemplares
Polly and the Prince (1991) 17 exemplares
Wonderful & Wicked (2000) 17 exemplares
Byron's Child (1991) 14 exemplares
A Second Spring (2008) 8 exemplares
Christmas in the Country (2010) 7 exemplares
The Unhappy Medium 5 exemplares
My Dearest Valentine (2010) 2 exemplares
Gabrielle's Gamble 1 exemplar
The Magic of Love (2010) 1 exemplar
Rattle the Bones 1 exemplar

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Nash, Petra
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England, UK
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Eugene, Oregon, USA
University of Manchester (BA - Russian and French)
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I didn't like this book as much as the earlier books in the series. Daisy is in New York and the bits contrasting American and British English was fun. However, the whole train chase and cross-country airplane chase was a bit too much! But still a fun read.
bookworm3091 | 8 outras críticas | Apr 10, 2024 |
An OK book. Not one of my favorites but enjoyable enough.
phyllis2779 | 3 outras críticas | Nov 4, 2023 |
Daisy Dalrymple is heading to Wentwater Court. She will stay there while writing about the estate for Town and Country magazine. She doesn’t expect to walk into a death. At first glance, it appears to be an accident, but several things don’t seem right. This leads to an investigation. Upon further investigation, it turns out to be much more serious.

The murder mystery failed to gain traction as it relied on confession, not investigation, to reveal the solution. It was also disappointing that the author let everyone off so easily in the end. Or maybe I just prefer murder mysteries that are darker.

It would have been nice if some characters were less clichéd cutouts and added more to the story.

While the author's use of aristocratic slang can be ridiculous, it shows she did her research. Although I enjoyed this book, I'm unsure if I'll read the rest of the series..

Conclusion: This may suit cosy mystery readers, but I find it lacking in inspiration.
… (mais)
onlyfiction | 37 outras críticas | Aug 31, 2023 |


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