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Cathie Dunn writes historical fiction and romantic suspense.



Reviewed by Robin
ebook provided by Wild Rose Press

Highlanders, Smugglers…Can’t wait to find out the rest of the romance, suspense and intrigue. And Ms. Dunn supplied all that you could ask for and more.

From the imagery of the Highland wilderness to the streets of London you always felt as if you were there. Along with the strong characters, I wanted to keep reading just to find out what would happen next.

Catrionia Mackenzie, wrongly accused by her family, is taken from her home in Edinburg and sent to the Highlands to live with her Aunt Meg. She thinks that being banished is the worst thing that could happen. Soon this high spirited, innocent woman will see things differently.

Rory Cameron, everything a woman wants in a man let alone a highlander. He is rough, warm and very much on edge. Rory is the proverbial bad boy with good looks. He is a smuggler, only wanting to help his cause with money, weapons and whatever else they may need to win.

His life was complicated enough and then in walks Catrionia. Making him change his way of thinking, about his old life.

They meet in an inn as Catrionia escorted by her brother and a few others to the Highlands. The attraction between Rory and Catrionia is evident at that first meeting.

Watching this relationship develop is interesting. It starts fast and makes them each pull away for different reasons. But as fate would have it they are destined to be together.

Catrionia’s brother and ex fiancé find out about the smuggling that Rory is involved in, and want the weapons for themselves. They feel that Catrionia is an object to be used for their own wants. You use them for your own gains then pawn them off or get rid of them. Women are to be used. They don’t care who they hurt along the way.

Throughout this whole story Catrionia finds out so much about herself, family and life. She finds that she is actually stronger than what she thought. She is a survivor.

Catrionia finds the freedom she longs for. In doing so she discovers things as she explores her new home, which adds complications. But, she finds out what true love, friends and real family in Aunt Meg are all about. She come to care for everyone around her especially Aunt Meg.

Secret Caves, a powerful cause, throws two unlikely people together. With the help of real friends and family Rory and Catrionia are able to fight the odds and find their happily-ever-after. Moving their beloved Highlands into a new era.

A compelling story teller Ms. Dunn takes us from a dirty city to the beauty of the country. We find along the way that although deceit by those you love can hurt there are ways to heal and with that healing you just may find the strength to overcome all the wrongs against you and become much stronger. Maybe just maybe love will find you along the way and take you into a journey of romance with a smuggler and helping a cause bring freedom to your new home.

I canna wait for more from Ms. Dunn.
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RtB | Jan 7, 2012 |




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