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Wildcat: An Appalachian Romance (2024) 11 exemplares, 7 críticas
Epistemic Consequentialism (2018) — Editor; Introdução; Contribuidor — 4 exemplares
Radio Free Olympia (2023) 1 exemplar


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Wildcat: An Appalachian Romance-Jeffrey Dunn, author
The place is a typical town in Appalachia; it is a place where everyone lives a hardscrabble life. The “new kid” has come to town with his parents. He lives in a nice house, better than most residents. His dad is there to close the mine in Wildcat. It isn’t personal. It is his job. The “new kid” meets the first love of his life, Carolyn, and he makes a good friend, Dominic. They are from opposite ends of the rainbow, however. When the mine explodes, everyone is touched by it, and soon, other tragedies follow because of desperation or foolish choices. The people of Wildcat can either move on or remain. The mine is the lifeblood of the town. Who will stay? Who will leave? Is the town doomed to die. Does it?
Carolyn and the "new kid", are just teenagers struggling to discover who they really are and what they really want to do. They wrestle with their lives for a long time. Five decades later, Dominic suggests that the “new kid” should return to Wildcat. Coincidentally, Carolyn is there too. They have found a new kind of Wildcat; it has moved on the way they did.
Struggling to survive, the people who remained find a way to use nature to subsist contentedly. They grow their own food, make their own paper and ink, and they provide necessary simple goods and services. They care for each other. They are fifty years older. The Hotel Wildcat houses many of the people full-time and provides the residents with meals. There is an openness and honesty among all of the residents. They tolerate and respect each other’s different ways. It seems each of them has something valuable to offer.
The ”new kid” is still a newcomer, but they make room for him in the hotel. Carolyn is not a newcomer. She returns and begins to restore her former home. Do they find a way back to each other? Is it possible for anyone to find true happiness at last? Is the simple life of Wildcat a desirable one? Do we all need as many creature comforts as we demand? Does the abundance make us less appreciative of what we really have? Can anyone truly move on and live with their little “sins” or do they follow us forever?
This brief little novel is a tale written with a lyrical simplicity about what life can offer even to those who least expect it. With hope, a bit of fortitude and industriousness, the residents of this forgotten town in Appalachia rebuilt their lives finding friendship and solidarity in their effort to survive. They found each other and a purpose. Don’t all of us wish for that?
The author is having a personal conversation with the reader that works. His language is poetic; his message is magical. The Shadows of Wildcat come and go to reunite them with their memories. They connect the past to the present and even to the coming future. Many of this book’s readers will wish they could find such a place to retire.
… (mais)
thewanderingjew | 6 outras críticas | Jul 19, 2024 |
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Travel back with a retired English teacher who is known as The New Kid in this captivating read as he returns to his boyhood home Wildcat, a rural Appalachian community. Experience his childhood and current adventures and memories in a diary-like format that flows with reading ease but includes palpable inner tension in a story that should keep readers’ curiosity burning. Also, we experience the writing process road to redemption and how Wildcat was reborn after several disasters with the help of those who lived through them and those still living and experiencing the community, and all the joy the people who are there can bring and also the beauty of its landscapes, friendship, love, and loss. Highly recommended for quick but insightful read.… (mais)
Carrieida | 6 outras críticas | Jul 15, 2024 |
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While there are many fascinating mushroom, bee, turkey feather, and sassafras creations,
'not pregnant' drags the plot down. More revealing would have been a 50 year old Tupela.
Readers may early tire of Carolyn and her "dumb" comments.

Shadows add to the mystery of the tale, as Donald and Alexander's menus deliver inspiring highlights!

Super short and sweet chapters were welcome. Writing is strong if at times over-poetic.

Blech on the bloody dead duck ending.

Future editions could include a Wildcat map for following men around.… (mais)
m.belljackson | 6 outras críticas | Jul 8, 2024 |
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Wildcat by Jeffrey Dunn erupts into a story of a retired man returning to the town where he experienced his first love. The town consisted of a mine, a dam, and a mill. In a devastating sweep all three plummet to ruin. Will the town survive? The town inhabitants turn to nature and flame new life into this sad town. The characters need further development. This short novel does not have precise chapters, but thoughts woven into a story. At first, the experiment peeked through the despair when describing the hard and difficult life of the miners and the mill workers, but later the words just filled the pages as the emotion slipped away like the precious otters vanished.… (mais)
delphimo | 6 outras críticas | Jul 4, 2024 |

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