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Jim Dwyer was an American reporter, columnist, and author. He was born in Manhattan on March 4, 1957. He graduated from Fordham in 1979 with a degree in general science. In 1980, he received a master's degree from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. Early in his career he worked mostrar mais as a reporter for several New Jersey newspapers, The Hudson Dispatch in Union City (1980-1982), The Elizabeth Daily Journal (1982), and The Record of Hackensack (1983-1984). He then joined New York Newsday as a reporter. Later he switched to columnist, covering subways and then general topics (1986-1995). He joined the New York Times in 2001 and wrote the "About New York" column 2007-2020. He won the 1995 Pulitzer Prize for Commentary for columns in New York Newsday. He also won as part of the New York Newsday team that won the 1992 Pulitzer Prize for spot news reporting covering a subway derailment in Manhattan. He was the author or co-author of six books including; Subway Lives: 24 Hours in the Life of the Subways (1991); Two Seconds Under the Worlds (1994) with Dee Murphy, David Kocieniewski and Peg Tyre; Actual Innocence: Five Days to Execution and Other Dispatches From the Wrongly Convicted (2000) with Peter Neufeld and Barry Scheck; 102 Minutes: The Untold Story of the Fight to Survive Inside the Rwin Towers (2005) ; False Conviction: Innocence, Guilt, and Science (2014); More Awesome Than Money: Four Boys, Three Years, and a Chronicle of Ideas and Ambition in Silicon Valley (2015). Jim Dwyer died on October 8, 2020, in New York City. He was 63. (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos
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A well-written, detailed account of the time period between the airplanes striking the Towers and the horrific collapse. It is an emotional read that made you feel for the victims and the families who searched for them.
Micareads | 49 outras críticas | Jun 21, 2022 |
A must read - gut wrenching, powerful and heartbreaking.
susan.h.schofield | 49 outras críticas | Aug 28, 2021 |
This book tells the stories of the people who were inside the towers on 9-11. It's a raw record of the day and what people saw, did and experienced.

Certain details in this book have lingered over the years. For example some firefighters actually reached the fire that was raging on the upper stories. One elevator remained operational in the south tower after the second plane crashed into it; and that elevator took a few firefighters up to the 40th floor. Battalion Chief Orio J. Palmer climbed another 38 floors to the impact zone, arriving at the lobby on the 78th floor by 9:51 a.m. Their tower collapsed eight minute later.

A large crowd of firefighters, some of them suffering from chest pains and the like under loads of 60 pounds or more, were still resting on the 19th floor of the north tower as the last of the interviewed survivors came down.

While reading "102 Minutes," I recalled two books especially: John Hersey's "Hiroshima," which reconstructs that bombing from interviews with six survivors; and Walter Lord's "A Night To Remember," the definitive account of Titanic's sinking. There are many more similarities with Lord's account -- particularly the attempt, by a non-participant, to keep an eye on hundreds of personal stories.
… (mais)
1 vote
krosero | 49 outras críticas | Jul 10, 2021 |
Excellently written, filled with many tidbits and facts that I did not know in my previous readings of the subject.

I confess that the descriptions of those in the situation of trying to find a way out from floors above the point of entry of the planes that hit the tower, was so difficult to read.

Despite the sadness and sheer horror that those trapped inside the south, and north towers, I recommend this one!
Whisper1 | 49 outras críticas | Nov 26, 2020 |



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