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And my thoughts on this books can be summed as such:

"Why do you hate us so much?" Elle hissed at the [spoiler].

And, lo, Amanda respond, "Because you haven't had one redeeming character action in 600 pages?"
wanderlustlover | 1 outra crítica | Dec 27, 2022 |
I actually spent the last two minutes trying to remember what it was this book was called, and the author and everything, because my brain is already trying to forget it. I thought the premise to how the first half of the novel was set up was genius, the absence of emotion and ability, the destructive explosion of the two magnets, the background....and then the culmination of the lead-up was just so entirely lacking.

But Edgar, like most centuries old characters, gave me hope to hang on even after his spoilerific thing at the end happened. Maybe because I already had book two there waiting on me, too.… (mais)
wanderlustlover | Dec 26, 2022 |
I found this book while surfing the kindle store on amazon and the cover caught my eye, id never heard of it before but decided id take a chance. I'm glad i did. A very emotional read. Abra Ebner has a way of writing where the style reflects the emotions of Estella. When Estella is feeling isolated and alone her writing takes on an almost clinical feel, but as the book progresses and Estella begins connecting and reaching out her writing becomes more personal and emotional. This really helps to pull you inside the characters and experience right along with them. The mythology she built for her angels is completly different from any ive read before. A beautiful love story and all around awesome book, cant wait to read the sequel. Feather gets 5 out of 5!… (mais)
Tristan_Bruce | 3 outras críticas | Dec 28, 2011 |
Ms. Ebner has created a brilliant story with strong characters that tug at your heart.
While this has fantasy elements, the real story is Sam's journey to happiness, acceptance and ultimately, peace. She has a fire within her, and it burns, good or bad, with her emotions, and even though she is shunned by even her own father, she finds acceptance with two others, a teacher and a mysterious boy, that the town as a whole has labeled as odd and one not to closely associate with.
The ending managed to completely take me by surprise, which doesn't happen a whole lot... it was a twist that I never thought of! But it fits the story so well.
I also like the symbol and presence of the ladybug (ladybird) in this story. It is really original, and I loved how it played into the plot and guided Sam's journey.
… (mais)
brandileigh2003 | Sep 18, 2011 |

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