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My first book by this author and he has a unique voice. It’s a very slim book about two young men and their experiences at the outbreak of WWI. Echenoz has done enormous research and, according to what I have since read, it is his “style” to make that very clear: extended, highly detailed lists as a way to show I’m not entirely sure what. Thus, for example, he spends pages describing—in detail—what went into a French soldier’s backpack at the beginning of the war. I found it off-putting though he’s clearly a gifted writer. I’ll look for other books by him because I feel that I need to read more to understand him.… (mais)
Gypsy_Boy | 21 outras críticas | Aug 25, 2023 |
This won the Prix Goncourt and was a huge bestseller in France, so who am I to complain? (Ah, we ALL know the answer to that!) According to those completely reliable copywriters at the publisher: “a heist caper, an Arctic adventure story, a biting satire of the art world, and a meditation on love and lust and middle age all rolled into one fast-paced, unpredictable, and deliriously entertaining novel, I'm Gone tells the story of an urbane art and antiques dealer who abandons his wife and career to pursue a memorably pathetic international crime spree.” It’s all true—on some level—though I don’t think it was “deliriously” entertaining by any means. It’s a quick, easy read, entertaining enough, and a great beach book. It requiresg no deep thought…or, perhaps, not much thought at all.… (mais)
Gypsy_Boy | 8 outras críticas | Aug 25, 2023 |
The veteran General Bourgeaud has been shunted off into an obscure corner of the French military intelligence machine, with a little office and an assistant, to sit out his time until retirement. Unfortunately, he hasn't quite understood that the deal is that he sits quiet and doesn't attempt to mount any operations. And there's this perfect little scheme just waiting for the right type of agent to carry it out. It needs to be a woman, and someone from entirely outside the intelligence services. Something in the Mata Hari line, but less flashy and more postmodern. Paul, the assistant, has a candidate in mind, but she will need a bit of preparation...

And thus we get into a ludicrously overcomplicated and unbalanced plot, put together by a writer who obviously doesn't trust any of his characters (or himself as narrator) an inch. He doesn't particularly care for any of them either, and is more than a little sceptical about the conventions of the thriller genre. But it's not a light-hearted pastiche: whilst all these people are running around spying on each other to no real purpose, there is all kinds of real pain and suffering going on, and Echenoz doesn't allow us to pass the piles of corpses without a shudder.

Clever, witty, and sometimes quite amusing, but I'm not really sure what it provides other than the sort of entertainment that we would get more efficiently from a less self-conscious kind of thriller.
… (mais)
thorold | 9 outras críticas | Jun 9, 2023 |
Vital Veber, alto dignatario extranjero que acaba de llegar a Francia, se aloja en el suntuoso Parc Palace du Lac, protegido por dos gorilas infranqueables: la pulposa Perla Pommeck y el brutal Rodion Rathenau. El coronel Seck, superior jerárquico de Chopin, le encomienda la vigilancia de Veber, sospechoso de infamias sin cuento. Seck tiene en alta estima el desempeño de Chopin, cuya especialidad consiste en colocar minúsculos micrófonos en sus moscas para sí escuchar las conversaciones de los sujetos vigilados. El miope y flemático Chopin se instala, pues, con sus artilugios en el Palace, donde los diversos hilos de la trama se atan y desatan vertiginosamente.… (mais)
Natt90 | 2 outras críticas | Mar 30, 2023 |



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