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Christopher Evans (1) (1951–)

Autor(a) de Aztec Century

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Obras por Christopher Evans

Aztec Century (1993) 102 exemplares
Other Edens (1987) — Editor — 85 exemplares
Capella's Golden Eyes (1980) 66 exemplares
Other Edens 2 (1988) — Editor — 39 exemplares
Writing Science Fiction (1988) 30 exemplares
Other Edens: No. 3 (1989) — Editor; Contribuidor — 29 exemplares
The Insider (1981) 18 exemplares
Chimeras (1992) 16 exemplares
In Limbo (1985) 16 exemplares
Omega (2008) 16 exemplares
Aliens & UFOs (2008) 15 exemplares
Come scrivere fantascienza (1989) 6 exemplares
The Facts of Life [short story] (1987) 2 exemplares
7x Schüttelfrost (1974) 2 exemplares

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Døds-layoutet 1 (1972)algumas edições3 exemplares


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Nome legal
Evans, Christopher D.
Outros nomes
Carpenter, Christopher
Elliott, Nathan
Knight, Robert
Lyon, John
Data de nascimento
País (no mapa)
Wales, UK
Local de nascimento
Tredegar, Wales, UK
Prémios e menções honrosas
Guest of Honour, Eastercon, UK (2003)



This is a really interesting alternate history where the Aztecs benefited from Spanish technology and cultural inputs to become the major superpower on the planet. The narrator is a princess of the British royal household towards the end of the twentieth century, just after the successful Aztec invasion of England, making her own accommodation with the new order, from a starting point of uncompromising intransigent resistance. A novel like this has to achieve the difficult tasks of intriguing the reader about the different historical track without info-dumping, while also having a decent plot that works on a human level. I think Evans succeeds very well at both - hints are dropped but never fully fleshed out about his world’s history, and the protagonist’s journey of betrayal and unreliable information at her own personal level is a nice reflection of the alternate history genre as a whole. There is a bonus insight into how our own world would look from the Aztec Century starting point. I really enjoyed this and am surprised that it is not better known.… (mais)
nwhyte | 4 outras críticas | Aug 24, 2018 |
A girl who can create illusions finds another like her...
AlanPoulter | Jul 10, 2015 |
A rather weak collection.

Garry Kilworth - On the watchtower at Plataea

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Graham Charnock - She shall have music

A strange romance involving a man who, after an accident, has his sense of smell replaced by 'music'.

Scott Bradfield - Dazzle

Dazzle is a rather unusual dog, who understands how the world works and gets depressed as a result, but who keeps on struggling nervertheless.

Michael Cobley - Waltz in flexitime

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Ian Watson - The resurrection man

The story is a dialogue between the proud owner of what is claimed to be the ear of Burke, Hare's accomplice in grave grave-robbing and one other, forming a grotesque tale which wanders far and wide then dives in for the kill...A classic.

Gwyneth Jones - Laiken Langstrand

Titular character is a failed king who eventually is redeemed by a mermaid. Eschews standard fantasy packaging but does not replace it with anything.

Anne Gay - Roman games

Sister Tom journeys by train from Rome and duels metaphorically with a flying dragon she sees out of the window.

John Clute - Eden sounding

This is the strangest 'story' I have ever read. It seems to be about the awakening of a god but beyond that...

Brian Aldiss - Confluence revisited

Translations of words and phrases from an alien language reveal a remarkable (albeit wacky) mindset...

Josephine Saxton - Getting together

A couple of time travellers from the future emabrk on a tour seeking knowledge of the past but do not like what they find...

M. John Harrison - The gift

A story of two listless individuals, one of whom is given a book on a commuter train. Rather flat.

Colin Greenland - The wish

Strange story of a new arrival in an unnamed country, who has been offered a job there. He meets a woman at a party who takes him to her shack in the woods...

Kim Stanley Robinson - Remaking history

A film, made on the Moon, about an alternate outcome to the American hostage crisis in Tehran suggests that history is mutable...

Ian McDonald - Approaching perpendicular

Repeated readings of this hyper-dense tale of a poet's encounter(s) with an alien city/artifact ended in puzzlement.

Michael Moorcock - Mars

The Earth and Neptune have left the Solar System leaving old Mars behind. Its senescence is disturbed by the arrival of aliens. A far future that seems more like the distant past...

Tanith Lee - A Madonna of the machine

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… (mais)
AlanPoulter | 1 outra crítica | Oct 5, 2012 |



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