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The Saints of Swallow Hill (2021) 287 exemplares
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The Road to Bittersweet (2017) 99 exemplares
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What an amazing historical fiction Donna Everhart has written in When The Jessamine Grows! This novel shows what links a very strong Southern woman, Joetta McBride, will go through to take care of her family during the turbulent time of the Civil War! You will be transported and see what the South and especially this North Carolina woman endures just to stay true to herself and to her family. As I read, I became so entrenched in the plight of Joetta who wants a simple farm life but has to change her ways so much throughout this war era. A very heartfelt and heartbreaking story of a very determined woman that kept me reading when I should have been sleeping or tending to household chores. Thanks Donna Everhart for another masterpiece read. You are definitely one of my favorite authors!… (mais)
rbooth43 | 9 outras críticas | Apr 24, 2024 |
Happy Publication: When the Jessamine Grows
Stars: 4 x 5
Author: Donna Everhart @donnaeve2
Publisher: Kensington Books. @kensingtonbooks
Thank you @netgalley for the Audio ARC

This year I decided to read different genres. I am so glad I picked this beautiful book.

Ennis and Jetta, the McBrides own a small farm in North Carolina. They have two sons, Henry is 15 and Robert is 11. They are pretty self sufficient on the farm and keep to themselves.

There is talk of an impending war. Ennis’ father Rudean considers himself a confederate and keeps filling the boy’s head, especially Henry’s, with tales of adventures. Henry decides to run off and join the cause. Soon after this Ennis
heads out to find Henry leaving Joetta, Robert and Rudean at the farm. Ennis being unable to find Henry enlist hoping this will allow him to possibly have a better advantage of finding him. Joetta tries to stay true to herself by not taking sides but this does not go well. Joutta devises a plan to pretend to be a conferate sympathizer so things may run smoother. As time passes by Joetta, Robert and Rudean survive, barely, life is a struggle but they will make it. . Most of her neighbors still are not friendly nor are the townsfolk.

I won’t delve much more into the book as I do not want to give anything away. This was one book that surprised me so much as I read it. It was written beautifully.
The narrator TIffany Morgan, did a wonderful job with the narration of the book.
I loved this so much that I ordered a few copies to give away to my family member.

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#WhentheJessamineGrows #JoettaMcBride #book2024
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#bookstagram #bibliophile #igreads #currentlyreading #bookreview #instaread
… (mais)
Kimberly103164 | 9 outras críticas | Feb 22, 2024 |
A historical novel set in North Carolina during the Civil War, the story follows Joetta McBride, a strong and determined woman who opens her home and farm to soldiers from both the Confederate and Union sides. Despite the challenges and hardships she faces, Joetta remains neutral in a war that threatens to tear the nation apart.

Donna Everhart, one of the best historical Southern fiction authors you will ever find, gives us a protagonist who stays true to her convictions despite the many challenges she faces.

Most Civil War books I have read focused on plantation owners with large numbers of slaves. “When the Jessamine Grows” centers around the subsistence farmers, those who grew only enough to feed themselves and their livestock. They were not slave owners. This gave me an entirely new perspective on life during the Civil War.

I felt that Joetta McBride, the protagonist, was portrayed in a realistic manner. She managed an intricate juggling act to uphold her beliefs while keeping her family safe. A myriad of emotions swept through me as I devoured this book. The characters were so authentic. I could feel the love between Joetta and her husband, the crankiness of Mr. McBride (Joetta’s father-in-law), the obstinance of her older son Henry, and the moodiness of her younger son Robert. This is an excellent examination of family dynamics.

I highly recommend this book to readers who enjoy historical fiction and strong female characters.

I received an advance copy of the book. All opinions expressed here are entirely my own.
… (mais)
BettyTaylor56 | 9 outras críticas | Jan 28, 2024 |
Donna Everhart just may be my new favorite author. This is just the kind of historical fiction I love. It’s hard to read a book set during a war due to the extreme hardship people suffer, but authors like Everhart make it easier when they give readers fully developed characters who grow with the story.

Main character Joetta McBride lives on a farm in North Carolina with her husband Ennis and her two sons. Her cantankerous father-in-law lives on the property and eats all his meals with the family.

I have to admit, at first I wanted Joetta to smack him and make him shut-up! He went on and on about the war and was a die-hard confederate, unlike his son Ennis and Joetta, who were neutral about the war. He glamorized soldiers to the point Jetta’s son wanted to join up and fight. Even though they were both too young, the older son ran off and joined.

As time went on, Ennis ends up fighting for the confederacy, leaving Joetta and their younger son to take care of the farm. Because North Carolina was a border state, there were many conflicting opinions about the war, but being a traitor to the cause was abhorrent.

Because Joetta wasn’t taking a side, she becomes labeled as a traitor and suffers many hardships because of it. In spite of that, she stands by her convictions. Her father-in-law also grows as a character throughout their experience, allowing Joetta to see a more positive side to him.

What I loved about the story was that it focused on the hardships of those at home and it did not gloss over some of the pain they suffered. The ending, while not perfect for Joetta, was one that left her full of hope for the future.

Many thanks to NetGalley and Kensington Books for allowing me to read an advance copy. I loved the story and am happy to give my honest review and recommend this to other readers.
… (mais)
tamidale | 9 outras críticas | Jan 19, 2024 |



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