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Charlotte Sometimes (1969) 867 exemplares
The Summer Birds (1962) 102 exemplares
A Castle of Bone (1972) 98 exemplares
Emma in Winter (1966) 64 exemplares
Eve: Her Story (1988) 24 exemplares
Thicker Than Water (1989) 23 exemplares
William and Mary (1974) 16 exemplares
Penelope (1994) 16 exemplares
August the Fourth (1975) 14 exemplares
The Virago Book of Grandmothers (2000) 14 exemplares
Daedalus and Icarus. (1971) 13 exemplares
Glasshouses (1989) 12 exemplares
The Story of Persephone (1972) 11 exemplares
The Seagull (1966) 11 exemplares
Twin Trouble (Read Aloud) (1996) 10 exemplares
The Magic Stone (1964) 10 exemplares
Year King (1977) 10 exemplares
Saturday by Seven (1978) 9 exemplares
Sisters: An Anthology (1999) — Editor — 8 exemplares
Away from Home (Abacus Books) (1987) 8 exemplares
Standing in the Shadow (1984) 7 exemplares
Dragonfly Summer (1971) 7 exemplares
Snakes and Ladders (1993) 6 exemplares
Goodnight Ophelia (2015) 4 exemplares
The China People (1960) 4 exemplares
The Coal Train (1977) 2 exemplares
Granny and Me (Storybooks) (1998) 2 exemplares
Stone Croc (Racers) (1992) 1 exemplar

Associated Works

Twilight Sleep (1927) — Introdução, algumas edições387 exemplares
Stories for Tens and Over (1976) — Contribuidor — 35 exemplares
The Second Penguin Book of Modern Women's Short Stories (1997) — Contribuidor — 27 exemplares
The Thorny Paradise: Writers on Writing for Children (1975) — Contribuidor — 15 exemplares
A Book of Girls' Stories (1964) — Contribuidor — 14 exemplares


Conhecimento Comum

Data de nascimento
Local de nascimento
Westerham, Kent, England, UK
Locais de residência
Birmingham, England, UK
Lanzarote, Spain
London, England, UK
University of Oxford (St. Anne's College)
University of London
fiction writer
children's book author

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Penelope Farmer was born in Westerham, Kent, one of twin sisters. She attended boarding school and read history at Oxford University. She did postgraduate work at Bedford College, University of London. Her first book, The China People, a collection of literary fairy tales for young people, was published in 1960. Her first novel for children was The Summer Birds (1963), which was followed by two sequels, Emma in Winter (1966) and the now classic Charlotte Sometimes (1969). Other notable books for young readers include A Castle of Bone (1972), Year King (1977), Thicker than Water (1989), Penelope: A Novel (1993), and Granny and Me (1998). She also writes fiction for adults.




4.5 — this is great. Can see why it left an impact on Robert Smith. A nice creepy, suspenseful story, with period details. Unsurprisingly, very reminiscent of the books I read as a child. Nice bits of existentialism in there, and some almost hallucinatory scenes. Very nicely written.
thisisstephenbetts | 22 outras críticas | Nov 25, 2023 |
Charlotte starts at a boarding school for the first time and is allocated a bed in a small dorm room. [return][return]On her first night she sleeps fitfully, and then wakes to a different view outside the window - and everyone calling her a different name! She then swaps bodies and timeframes with a girl called Clare, and between them have to navigate a new school as well as two different timeframes. There is plenty to threaten them both, including the flu epidemic, and the fact that Charlotte could be evauacted to the countryside during the war whilst stuck in Clare's body. Everytime they switch, there's always a chance that they will become "stuck" as the other.[return][return]I have to re-read this as an adult, but remember enjoying it as a child - it was the first book I really remember having a sci-fi/fantasy aspect to it (time travel & switching bodies being such sci-fi staples).[return][return]I dont *think* I knew this was the third part of a series although reading the synopsis of book 1 makes me think i've read that one too.… (mais)
nordie | 22 outras críticas | Oct 14, 2023 |
Although published in 1969, this book felt much older in writing style. This book told the story of Charlotte, who for some reason switched places every other day and became Clare, 40 years in the past. It was convenient that both Charlotte and Clare were at the same boarding school in England. I can see why this book would not have been a popular check out, as least in the 2000's. However, I found the read to be mildly entertaining as it did portray life in England during WWI. 186 pages
Tess_W | 22 outras críticas | Jun 28, 2021 |
I read this when I was young but it must have been a library copy because I never had a copy. Memory made it much better than it was, the writing is clumsy and far too modern and misses the beat all too often. Still, there is a little spark here and there, I did feel Charlotte's sense of dislocation at times. The oddest bit was to have the 1918 flu pandemic be such a feature while I am at home in COVID shutdown.
amyem58 | 22 outras críticas | May 14, 2020 |



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