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The Pleasure of Finding Things Out (1999) — Autor — 2,682 exemplares
The Character of Physical Law (1965) 1,583 exemplares
Feynman Lectures on Computation (1996) 505 exemplares
Feynman's Tips on Physics (2005) 303 exemplares
The Feynman Lectures on Physics Volumes 1-2 (2003) — Narrador, algumas edições23 exemplares
The Feynman Lectures on Physics Volumes 9-10 (2007) — Autor — 4 exemplares


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Dick Feynman was a Nobel laureate and professor of theoretical physics at Cornell and Cal Tech. Like many accomplished people, he had a unique reputation and a magnanimous spirit. In the classroom, his students revered him for his interesting stories. This memoir, written towards the end of his life, records his reflections on his life with the same zeal that won his students’ hearts.

To be frank, some of his stories tend towards the anti-feminist side and make women into objects instead of brilliant minds of their own. This is unfortunate. He grew up and lived in an era where women were not as valued for their professional accomplishments. This memoir sadly contains abundant references to women in sensual roles, not as reasoning equals. Of course, he worked in a male-heavy field before the “Me too” era, so his situation was different than mine 30 years later. Nonetheless, I would have liked to have heard more praising of womankind. Had he lived to this date, I suspect he would have, too.

Despite this central shortcoming, his anecdotes and perspective provides much insight. He is fiercely curious, fiercely objective, and fiercely free. He volunteered his time on government boards for schoolbooks, and he delved in many scientific fields that weren’t tightly wed to physics. He is a good storyteller, and his fascination with life comes through clearly in this memoir. I would have liked to have heard him speak had I lived in his era, despite any shortcomings of character.
… (mais)
scottjpearson | 172 outras críticas | May 7, 2024 |
Amusing anecdotes about Feynman, told by Feynman. I found myself, though, questioning the portrayal as much as I would the autobiography of an internet influencer.
sfj2 | 52 outras críticas | Apr 3, 2024 |
All the Feynman adventures offer a fascinating and unique perspective into the world of a theoretical physicist in end of 20th century. The filter that Feynman brings to this in addition, is that of a bit of a trouble making, womanizing, principled empiricist.

I enjoy the fiction, the world he creates is fascinating and comes to life despite some mismatch of values and the pretty clear exaggeration of some of his stories.

His accout of the investigation in the Challenger disaster is sound and important reading for any future engineer. Politics does not play well with risky engineering.… (mais)
yates9 | 52 outras críticas | Feb 28, 2024 |

Feynman is clearly an interesting character and a significant influence in modern science. His antics are interesting is this collection, and It was just as interesting to travel back to a different era through this storytelling.

He does come across as a bit pompous at times, perhaps another blast from the past. Overall an interesting read.
travisriddle | 172 outras críticas | Dec 25, 2023 |



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