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The Patriot Witch (2009) 206 exemplares
The Prodigal Troll (2005) 95 exemplares
Spell for the Revolution (2009) 84 exemplares
Demon Redcoat (2009) 65 exemplares
Wild Things (2005) 31 exemplares
Pervert 5 exemplares
Poliitohvitser, poliitvang (2016) 4 exemplares
Her Life Sentence 3 exemplares
Abandon the Ruins 3 exemplares
Lucy, in Her Splendor (2003) 3 exemplares
The Minutemen's Witch 3 exemplares
The Infill Trait 3 exemplares
The Rapeworm 2 exemplares
For Want of A Nail 2 exemplares
An Eye For An Eye 2 exemplares
The Texas Bake Sale 2 exemplares
The Crystal Stair 2 exemplares
The Seal Hunter 2 exemplares
Passing Through 2 exemplares
Footnotes 1 exemplar
A Game Of Chicken 1 exemplar

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Favorite Stories:
The Man I Loved by James Patrick Kelly: This was SO GOOD, this was one of those stories that improves your day, makes you smile and has makes me want more stories from the Happy Valley Tavern.
The Last Legend by Matthew Hughes: I had no clue until the very end where this story was going
Of the 12 stories only 2 were duds (in my opinion)
...Also some of the cartoons were hilarious!
davisfamily | Dec 11, 2022 |
Not a review. Includes two (!!!) of my poems, "Space Isn't Like in the Vids" and "Least Weird Thing of All."
ladycato | Dec 31, 2021 |
This is definitely one of the better issues of the magazine. Not a single dud of a story and the weakest one in here is co-authored by Ted Chiang! The included fiction is:

7 • More Heat Than Light • novelette by Charlotte Ashley
28 • Last of the Sharkspeakers • novelette by Brian Trent
62 • The Nostalgia Calculator • short story by Rich Larson
88 • Coyote Song • novella by Pat MacEwen
134 • The Great Silence • (2015) • short story by Allora and Calzadilla and Ted Chiang
139 • Caribou: Documentary Fragments • short story by Joseph Tomaras
152 • Steamboat Gothic • novelette by Albert E. Cowdrey
173 • Ash • short story by Susan Palwick
190 • The Secret Mirror of Moriyama House • short story by Yukimi Ogawa
208 • The Long Fall Up • novelette by William Ledbetter
231 • The Stone War • novelette by Ted Kosmatka

There seems to be a little something of everything in this issue. We start off with an alternative history story with a sort of french revolution in Canada leading to a soldier story. Honor prevails. It was one of the weaker stories I thought, but OK. We then have a story set on an asteroid, Ceres, where future humans have a very strange society. I liked this one. We also have a CSI type story with heavy supernatural elements and I liked that one too. Fantasy, supernatural and some horror is the overriding element of most stories.

I think my favorite story here was 'The Long Fall Up' by William Ledbetter.
… (mais)
RBeffa | Jul 17, 2020 |
Favorite: Playscape by Diana Peterfreund
tldegray | Aug 6, 2019 |


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