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In If You’re Not The One by Jemma Forte, Jen Wright is in an underwhelming marriage, with two small and needy children. She’s wishing for a little more passion and excitement when she’s hit by a car, and while in an accident-induced coma, is able to see the other lives she could have had by making other choices.

I love this basic premise, that by making a slightly different choice — or in Jen’s case, by making a fairly large choice about who to date and who to break up with — we could have entirely different lives. Jen experiences days in her various alternate lives, and sees the positive and negative sides. If she’d run off with Aidan, the handsome free spirit she met while backpacking, she’d have had an amazing year in Australia, but lose touch with her friends and become estranged from her mother. If she’d stayed with her workaholic tech entrepreneur boyfriend, she’d have ended up with all her material wants sated, but also be having an affair with the chef. I won’t give the whole thing away, but Jen experiences each possible life with each possible mate before waking back up to her husband, Max.… (mais)
TheFictionAddiction | 3 outras críticas | Aug 12, 2020 |
LOVED this book. An instant favourite.

The story is original, and the execution of the concept is perfect.

I found the story didn't develop the way I thought, which is a good thing, because I got surprises throughout the book.

Reading this really made me sit back and think about some "what ifs" in my always think the grass is greener on the other side, but is it? I thought the author did an outstanding job with this book.
katsmiao | 3 outras críticas | Oct 23, 2015 |
Jennifer Wright has a comfortable life – a hard working, if inattentive husband, Max, two lovely young daughters, and a comfortable home in the suburbs, but she is restless. In the throes of a mid life crisis she is wondering, ‘What if?’. One evening, after a bitter argument with her husband, Jennifer runs from the house and is hit by car. Comatose, Jennifer’s subconcious gives her the opportunity to explore what her life may have been like had she made different choices, what if she had runaway with Aiden? Or married Tim, or stayed with Steve? What could’ve been?

‘What If?’ is a game many of us have played, especially when things aren’t going well, even if it’s something we rarely admit to. We can only imagine how differently things might have turned out had we made a different decision, could we have been happier? Richer? Poorer? Sadder? In If You’re Not the One, author Jemma Forte explores the possibilities for her protagonist had she chosen a life with one of three ex suitors.

The premise is not really original (think Sliding Doors) but I was interested in how Jennifer’s alternate lives unfolded. I was surprised, even pleased by the ending, which is not as tidy as I expected, but it may frustrate readers who prefer closure.

The structure of the novel is a little tricky involving not only Jennifer’s actual present and past, but also the past and future revelations of her ‘alternate’ lives. Though the narrative shifts are titled, it still takes a bit of effort to keep track of who and when, and can feel a little disjointed at times.

Challenging readers to consider their own ‘What if’s?’, If You’re Not the One is an engaging read. I think it’s a book that would particularly generate interesting discussion among book club members.
… (mais)
shelleyraec | 3 outras críticas | Jun 8, 2015 |
Everyone has at least one “what if”, no one is immune, especially in regards to relationships. Due to an accident, Jennifer Wright has a chance to experience what could have been if she’d chosen differently at three pivotal points in her life about three diverse men, Aidan, Tim, and Steve.
Travel along with Jennifer as she has her “what could have been’s” answered.

What an exciting opportunity it would be to experience what your life would have been had you chosen otherwise. Would you come out the other side appreciating what you have even more or regretting where your decisions led you? If the latter would you have the gumption to change it?

If you have trouble keeping up with stories that jump about in time you’ll want to set aside some time to devote to distraction free reading. However, the time shifts had headers and were easy to follow. Personally speaking, once started, IF YOU’RE NOT THE ONE was difficult to put down. Subtle character personality shifts and adapted events in Jennifer’s alternate lives makes each as believable as her present with Max, despite the reality of how they’re being lived. Best of all, this isn’t a rose colored glasses look at what may have been for Jennifer.

Frankly, I found it impossible not to consider my own personal might have been’s, however fleetingly, making IF YOU’RE NOT THE ONE an especially poignant reading experience. Though the premise might not be original I thought its presentation was provocative but the ingenious and completely unexpected ending was the five star clincher for me. Personally I keep waffling on whether a few more paragraphs, possibly a chapter, would have been preferred or not. Either way, I’ll be thinking about Jennifer and her future for quite a while.
Kudos, Ms. Forte.

Reviewed for Miss Ivy’s Book Nook Take II, Manic Readers, & Novels Alive TV
… (mais)
ivydtruitt | 3 outras críticas | May 25, 2015 |


½ 3.7

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