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Becky Garrison serves as Senior Contributing Editor for The Wittenberg Door, the oldest, largest, and only religious satire magazine.
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Becky invites,
*As part of the launch for my new book "Jesus Died for This?" (Zondervan, August 2010), I am launching a podcast featuring a number of voices who are featured in this book. This includes a number of US and UK Anglican voices that I thought might be of interest to some in Anglimergent. If you're interested, here's the link.*


jonny baker says,
"she does a good job it seems of sniffing out where people are seeking out creative and authentic ways to follow in the way of christ. she is one of many pilgrims who have found friendship in the emerging communities in the uk and grenbelt festival to take back as inspiration.

to accompany the book becky has been interviewing people and uploading movies and podcasts where she asks people to respond to the idea of what jesus died for - the video stream is here (the answer i wish i had given is spencer burke's where he suggests we should be asking what jesus lived for! i give something a lot more earnest) | the podcast stream is here (becky throws me a googlie question - what do i say to people who say that the mainline denominations are dead - the new is where it is at!?). the quality of some of the interviews is rough and ready but that's part of its charm..."

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FHC | Jun 13, 2013 |
I really enjoyed this book. Garrison travels the country interviewing folks (both clergy and lay) who have been involved in the formation of new Christian communities. Most of the ministries in this book are from the Episcopal tradition.

I appreciate this book because it doesn't feel gimmicky to me. These are folks that aren't trying to save or grow churches but are simply trying to meet the needs they feel in themselves and in their communities. They aren't trying to tap into the "next big thing" but are instead trying to live out their calling in a faithful way that reaches the deepest parts of their hearts.… (mais)
shannonkearns | Dec 9, 2011 |
A very personal yet penetrating analysis into the claims of "New Atheism" and its three main promoters-- Harris, Dennett, and Hawkins.

The author does not go into a deep scientific analysis of their views but shows familiarity with the writings of others against them. She does well at showing the inconsistencies and fallacies of their arguments and their perspective. It is evident that they are "high" on science and not nearly as well-educated about theology and are as prone to mischaracterization and puerile arguments as those whom they repudiate.

One also learns the author's story-- the loss of her parents, the trials of her faith that she has encountered-- and therefore the book also represents a very visceral investigation into what it means to have faith, be a Christian, and work for good in modern American society.
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deusvitae | 1 outra crítica | Mar 22, 2010 |
With a dry wit and an eye for hypocrisy, Garrison highlights the misbehaviors of prominent individuals and organizations alike, while espousing a return to the basic principles of the gospels. Abortion, homosexuality, policitcs: all the hot areas are covered and neither side escapes condemnation. Garrison succeeds in raising important questions and forcing others to consider their stances, but the first person tone reduces the impact of the argument somewhat. Humor is effectively embedded within the text, though those who do not follow religious news will not full appreciate the nuances. For readers who are discouraged by churches that focus on politic topics rather than personal faith and universal issues.… (mais)
cinf0master | 1 outra crítica | Mar 7, 2007 |

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