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review - https://booksteacupreviews.com/2024/04/18/pen-pal-by-j-t-geissinger/

Pen Pal turned out to be a far cry from what I anticipated. Going in blind, I assumed it would have entertainment, romance, and enjoyment. However, it fell short of those expectations, leaving me feeling utterly disappointed. So, brace yourself for my rant review!

Let’s set the record straight: Pen Pal is not a romance. Marketing it as a dark romance and that synopsis is misleading. I’m pretty annoyed this is compared to Ana Huang’s books. Pen Pal fits squarely into the category of erotica paranormal thriller. Here is what the book truly involves-

The book opens with Kayla attending her husband’s funeral who died in drowning accident. Upon returning home, she receives a letter from a stranger named Dante, a prisoner who claims to know her. Despite never having heard of him, Kayla engages in a questionable exchange of letters, divulging details of her life. Setting aside this peculiar behavior, the narrative progresses to other events.

To fix leaking ceiling in the house Kayla hires Aidan, a roofer but then she dismiss him from the job as he had questioning personality and was unlicensed but still owned a roofing company. However, their paths cross again at a bar, where Aidan unexpectedly invites her to his home that is above the bar, expressing wish to make love with her. Of course, it’s bizarre and Kayla refuses but one night when Kayla feels unsafe in her own home, first thing she does is run to Aidan’s place and spend night with him resulting in sexual affair.

Apparently her house is haunted – lights fluttering, bulbs exploding, door bell ringing but there is no one outside, drawers and cupboards opening in the night, jars flying, presence of figures, and finding her husband’s lucky coin- but Kayla dismisses them as manifestations of her grief and stress. Until Fiona, Kayla’s house keeper, only character who made sense, suggested to act on the haunting spirit and figure out what it wanted but that doesn’t happen until 70% of the book.

All we get throughout the book is Kayla and Aidan having series of sex and falling in love amidst the physicality. There is no proper background of characters. We get fleeting glimpse of their struggling life but it didn’t give any depth to characters.

I couldn’t figure out Kayla. She was passive and naive person who never saw red flags until it’s too late and didn’t seriously act on it. There were plenty hints her husband was abusive to her and something very bad happened because of that and yet her reluctance to remove her wedding ring or disclose her husband’s demise to Aidan only adds to the perplexity of her character. She is 30 years old and yet she has no maturity.

It was all very confusing. I couldn’t tell where the story was going and what exactly characters wanted, except the sex part of course, I came close to DNFing the book at 75% but then a sudden twist offers a glimmer of intrigue that made want to at least see the end.

I almost thought the spirit haunting her might be her husband but what was revealed was surprising. Twist turned out shocking and at the same time outrageously disappointing. There is no HEA and I would have been fine with it but this was just tragic and unsatisfying.

As for the romance, like I said there is no romance just series of BDSM sex where Kayla and Aidan role played as rabbit and lion that made me cringe every time I read their bunny kins and I went through that torture for the entirety of the book. There is no heart melting moments or genuine connection, nor both characters do anything to show affection. No cuddling after sex doesn’t count.

Oh and I forget to mention, nothing exactly comes out of the whole Pen Pal thing. In middle of the story Dante and his letters disappears until the twist near the end. It had connection with the story and very well explained in the end but I found it utterly unnecessary. Why would a person go to such length to make other realize who they really are when there are other simple ways to do it considering the identity of the person.

Overall, Pen Pal was uninteresting, confusing, and disappointing erotica thriller. Only reason I’m giving it 2 start and lower than that is because of last 30% of the book., that plot twist. From now on I’m reading all reviews specially spoilery reviews just so I know what I’m getting into.
… (mais)
BooksTeacupReviews | 10 outras críticas | Jun 28, 2024 |
Oh my! That was just the fix I needed after reading (and obsessing over) Midnight Poppy Land!
tootall77hc | 10 outras críticas | May 9, 2024 |
ohmigod, look at us two straight people intruding on queer spaces. How progressive is that?
kittyfoyle | 3 outras críticas | Apr 23, 2024 |
Declan kidnaps Sloan because she's the best friend of the head of the Russian bratva's girlfriend (see previous books in the series). She hasn't taken the kidnapping well (understatement) but he's the head of the Irish mafia. There's lots of banter and the two are a great couple. It's a well-written and interesting story.
N.W.Moors | 5 outras críticas | Mar 31, 2024 |



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