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Michael Moorcock's Elric: Tales of the White Wolf (1994) — Editor — 395 exemplares
Grails: Quests of the Dawn (1992) — Editor — 236 exemplares
Tales from the Great Turtle (1994) — Editor — 144 exemplares
Excalibur (1995) — Editor — 124 exemplares
Ancient Enchantresses (1995) — Editor — 83 exemplares
Confederacy of the Dead (1993) — Editor — 62 exemplares
The Book of Kings (1995) — Editor — 49 exemplares
Visitations of the Night (Grails) (1994) — Editor — 44 exemplares
Phantoms of the Night (1996) — Editor; Contribuidor — 30 exemplares
Grails: Quests, Visitations and Other Occurrences (1992) — Editor — 25 exemplares
Joltin' Joe DiMaggio (1999) — Editor — 22 exemplares
Horrorscape: New Masterpieces of Horror, Vol. 1 (1996) — Editor — 18 exemplares
South From Midnight (1994) — Editor — 13 exemplares
Caroline And Caleb 1 exemplar

Associated Works

100 Wicked Little Witch Stories (1995) — Contribuidor — 277 exemplares
Serve It Forth: Cooking with Anne McCaffrey (1996) — Contribuidor — 143 exemplares
Elf Fantastic (1997) — Contribuidor — 126 exemplares
Horrors! 365 Scary Stories (Anthology) (1998) — Contribuidor — 125 exemplares
Alien Pregnant by Elvis (1994) — Contribuidor — 91 exemplares
Live! From Planet Earth (2005) — Introdução — 77 exemplares
Adventures in the Twilight Zone (1995) — Contribuidor — 54 exemplares
Alternate Worldcons (1994) — Contribuidor — 16 exemplares
Book of Dead Things (2007) — Contribuidor — 13 exemplares
Alternate Worldcons and Again Alternate Worldcons (1996) — Contribuidor — 6 exemplares


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Gilliam, Richard
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A quite average collection of quite average short stories. There were just a few I really did not like (those from Stein, Collins, Nye, Partington and, surprisingly, Neil Gaiman), and also just a few I did really, really like (Williams, Ciencin, Cashman, Wagner). The rest were all good-ish and mostly way too short, though they tended to become repetitive and, as a whole, to almost bore me - good thing I have been an Elric fan for so long. Still am.
On the good side, I discovered Wagner's character Kane and loved him, then found out there are 6 books of him... oh, goodie, must buy them all!
… (mais)
milosdumbraci | 3 outras críticas | May 5, 2023 |
Pretty good variety of poems and all sorts of short stories. Started well with a poem from Jane Yolen and finished well with 'Greggies Cup' by Rick Wilber. In between enjoyed the tales by Andre Norton (of course), Diana L. Paxson, james S. Dorr, Lee Hoffman, Janny Wurts and Neil Gaiman.
Ma_Washigeri | 4 outras críticas | Jan 23, 2021 |
Pretty good variety of poems and all sorts of short stories. Started well with a poem from Jane Yolen and finished well with 'Greggies Cup' by Rick Wilber. In between enjoyed the tales by Andre Norton (of course), Diana L. Paxson, james S. Dorr, Lee Hoffman, Janny Wurts and Neil Gaiman.
Ma_Washigeri | 4 outras críticas | May 27, 2018 |
There were maybe six stories in here that I really liked, about six that I skimmed completely, and the rest were just...ok. I actually almost stopped reading until I came to the Rusch story, which was excellent. I'm not sure why so many of them weren't great; could be that they tried too hard to be epic? Or send a message? Or explain some unknown historical conundrum? Whatever the reason, this is one book for which to be sneaky and read the good stories at the bookstore. Or, you know, get it from the library. Whichever.… (mais)
Krumbs | Mar 31, 2013 |


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