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Picasso: Creator and Destroyer (1988) — Ilustrador, algumas edições478 exemplares
Break of Day (1928) — Ilustrador, algumas edições363 exemplares
The Gods of Greece (1983)algumas edições77 exemplares
Picasso. Das druckgrafische Werk — Contribuidor — 1 exemplar


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This is an epic journey over only a decade, and I think Gilot is absolutely amazing. While the book is supposed to be about Picasso, I’ve decided that he was a giant asshole with a few good insights (but the narcissism along with the mansplaining overrides everything that could potentially be good) and would rather continue to learn more about Gilot. You can tell that she has one of those total recall memories which is amazing as she wrote this about ten years after the ten years she’s writing about. But mostly her self awareness shines when needed, and I want to know more about this woman who literally just turned 101 years old; it’s nice to know she’s still surviving almost sixty years after writing this book. Also I loved the little chapters about so many varying characters throughout the French world of art and letters; you could take one and expand it into a whole novel or screenplay.… (mais)
spinsterrevival | 9 outras críticas | Dec 9, 2022 |
Very interesting biography. I sometimes became frustrated with the author’s perceived coldness towards Picasso, but overall I’m glad I read this book.
lustucken | 9 outras críticas | Nov 21, 2022 |
I think I've said more than once on LT that I can't stand celebrity memoirs, but I think I will have to make an exception for this memoir by Picasso's second wife (or was she his third? can't remember). I liked it a lot, because she focuses on the art. There is a lot of insight and information on Picasso's art, as well as his bombastic personality. It was during their marriage that Picasso began experimenting with ceramics, and I had not previously been aware of Picasso's ceramics.

Gilot was an art student herself when she became involved in Picasso's circles immediately prior to WW II, and in later life became a serious artist in her own right. There's not a lot of "celebrity" gossip, though of course there is lots of information about other artists of the time. I particularly enjoyed learning about Matisse, and how different his personality style was from Picasso's. The two enjoyed a friendly rivalry.

Recommended for those interested in art.

4 stars
… (mais)
arubabookwoman | 9 outras críticas | Aug 6, 2021 |
After Dali, Picasso has always been my second favorite artist, while a cluster of others are right behind both. Sadly, after having read a number of books both by and about each, in this case Picasso, I feel like I've been left a little saddened and disillusioned about some of these men, artists. Some of them simply were not very good people and while it's certainly not new for creative types, creative geniuses, to be eccentric, antisocial, narcissistic, flat out insane or any combo of things, it's still disappointing, to me anyway, so I've been trying to focus on the works, the art, and not the artist so much, because we all have our warts and who am I to judge? Thus, I'll continue to focus on the artistic brilliances of these and other gifted artists, writers, etc., and I'll do my best to be content with that...… (mais)
scottcholstad | 9 outras críticas | Jan 6, 2020 |



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