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Mary Gordon teaches at Barnard College.
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The Stories of Mary Gordon (2006) 93 exemplares
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Temporary Shelter (1987) 67 exemplares
On Thomas Merton (2018) 42 exemplares
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Conhecimento Comum

Nome legal
Gordon, Mary Catherine
Data de nascimento
Local de nascimento
Far Rockaway, New York, USA
Locais de residência
Far Rockaway, New York, USA (birth)
Valley Stream, New York, USA
New Paltz, New York, USA
New York, New York, USA
Hope Valley, Rhode Island, USA
Barnard College
Syracuse University
Professor (English, Barnard University)
Cash, Arthur H. (husband)
American Academy of Arts and Letters (Literature, 2007)
Syracuse University
Prémios e menções honrosas
American Academy of Arts and Letters Academy Award (Literature ∙ 2006)
Guggenheim Fellowship (1993)
New York Writers Hall of Fame (2010)
Peter Matson (Sterling Lord Literistic)

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Mary Gordon was born in 1949 in Far Rockaway, New York. She was an only child, raised in a tightly-knit and pious Catholic home. She began writing as a child and dreamed of becoming a nun. The loss of her father in 1957, when she was seven years old, was the most important event of her youth, and she would later channel her grief into many works of fiction, and finally into her memoir, The Shadow Man: A Daughter’s Search for her Father (1996). She attended Barnard College over her mother's objections (as it was not a Catholic institution) and worked at a series of secretarial and babysitting jobs in order to pay her way. She became involved in the feminist and anti-war movements of the late 1960s, and has continued to contribute to progressive causes throughout her life. She received an M.A. from Syracuse University, but left short of a Ph.D. in order to marry Jim Brain, an English professor nearly 30 years her senior. She taught writing at Duchess County Community College, and lived with her husband in London for a year. Her first marriage dissolved when she became involved with Arthur Cash, another much-older English professor; they married in 1979. Her first novel, Final Payments, was published in 1978 to tremendous critical acclaim, followed quickly by The Company of Women in 1981. Although she continued to write poetry, essays, reviews and nonfiction, her attention was divided for a time by the birth of her two children, and it was four years before her next book was published. She became the Millicent Macintosh Chair of English at Barnard College. The New York Times has called her "her generation's preeminent novelist of Roman Catholic mores and manners."
Other works include Men and Angels (1985),
The Other Side (1989), Pearl (2005),
The Love of My Youth (2011), The Rest of Life: Three Novellas (1994), and
The Liar's Wife (2014).



AMERICAN AUTHORS CHALLENGE--JUNE 2023--MARY GORDON em 75 Books Challenge for 2023 (Junho 2023)


This is story of high-school sweethearts who eventually broke-up and led separate lives but meet up again years later in Rome. (The characters are now in their late 50s.) While both lead seemingly happy lives now, Miranda still harbors angry thoughts and Adam guilty ones over how/why their relationship ended. The story intersperses chapters from the past with the present day so we understand the teenagers they were and the adults they became. I liked this book and my only criticism is that I thought it a little slow. Still, I like Mary Gordon's writing and her characters are usually interesting and thought provoking so I gave it 3 stars.… (mais)
ellink | 9 outras críticas | Jan 22, 2024 |
I read this book about ten years ago and I remember liking it. I have a feeling I'd like it more now that I'm ten years older.
ellink | 2 outras críticas | Jan 22, 2024 |
Editorial essays on home and what it means, mostly in the sense of the physical plant of the thing. Which thing is very important but while most of us have strong preferences as to that physical plant, it's the human and animal co-habitants of the chosen space that are the sine qua non. Or for some the garden and other landscape. Gordon also strongly and almost entirely associates privacy with maintaining secrets which is telling in a writer for whom uninterrupted spans within a room of her own could be expected to have great importance.
Well written, but it misses the core.
… (mais)
quondame | Jun 27, 2023 |
Reason Read: American author challenge and this one was available.
I was a bit afraid to read this but I have to admire the author for deciding to read the Gospels after she realized that she did not know enough to support her opinions. I appreciated how she read the Gospels and how she wrote about her reading. It's what we all should do. Read it, ponder, and write about it. I also enjoyed how she pulled in literature into her experience and her comments. Mary Gordon is a Catholic. Her father was Jewish but converted to Catholic. She is against prosperity preachers as am I but I think she thinks all protestants are of that ilk. I definitely differ from the Ms Gordon's ideas but I applaud her for reading the Gospel and writing about that experience. Don't just accept her thoughts, read the Gospels yourself.… (mais)
2 vote
Kristelh | 5 outras críticas | Jun 16, 2023 |



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