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I met the author at our library, as she lives in NH, and she was lovely to talk to. It was a light read, but it was also a nice catalyst for reminiscing about just after high school graduation, and the fear and exhilaration about 'what's next!?'. The characters were likable and real so you could feel for them. The story took unexpected turns that kept me engaged throughout the book.
mainerk8 | 5 outras críticas | Feb 14, 2015 |
Pretty good book. I didn't like the ending all that much, but most of it was really good.

Full review on my website www.the-book-tower.blogspot.co.uk
bookish92 | 5 outras críticas | Mar 20, 2014 |
“I just think that most people do such a bad job making themselves happy, it’s completely ridiculous to think anyone else can do it for you.”
And...Young Adult Contemporary manages to surprise me yet again.

Reunited was unexpectedly funny (love Tiernan “Photosynthesize this, you demonic weed!” Horowitz ) but too cutesy and full of old clichés. Even though it didn't pretend to be anything else 'Summer ran with the popular crowd, Tiernan was a rebellious wild-child, and Alice spent high school with her nose buried in books.' I was disappointed. In a classic [b:Anna and the French Kiss|6936382|Anna and the French Kiss|Stephanie Perkins|http://photo.goodreads.com/books/1267522241s/6936382.jpg|7168450] move, it was dumbed down with three stereotypical fluff girls and the substance of the book is very see-through. I couldn't help but roll my eyes at some of the supposedly touching moments. The girls were meant to be flawed and lifelike, but Hilary Weisman Graham just doesn't have the Ann Brashares touch.

But I'll admit I found myself grinning like a Cheshire cat from time to time. Reunited had some great lines.
When they were done, Summer patted the earth flat with her hands. “Would anyone like to say a few words?”
Tiernan stifled a laugh. “He was a good squirrel,” she said in her best spiritual-sounding voice. “He really loved his nuts.”
Along with some unexpected words of wisdom.
But the funny thing was, you needed guts to be able to spill your guts.
See what I mean? I wouldn't call it too good to be true, but it will make you laugh and it's a great debut. There's a road trip and Level3 lyrics. What more could you want for a summer read?

NO. WAY. I looked up Level3 out of curiosity, and . . .

. . . Unbelievable. I can't believe I've been reading about a real effing band the whole time! (Luke Dixon, Ryan Hale, and Travis Wyland, all 21) are three childhood friends who grew up together in Austin, Texas. Level3 first started playing music together when the boys were only in the eighth grade under the name, Hat Trick. Just over a year later, they had changed their name to Level3, signed to a small indie label, and released their (self-title) first album, which immediately began making a splash on the college charts.

The next year, Level3 put out their second album (Rough & Tumble) to rave reviews and received their first airplay on MTV. The following year, the band had signed a three-record deal with Sony Music, and produced their first CD under a major label, turning the boys into instant, though reluctant, teen heartthrobs.

By the time the boys were 18, they had taken home two MTV awards, had three singles rise to number one on the Billboard charts, and won a Grammy. But sudden fame had its price. Midway through recording their fourth album, to the dismay of their fans, Level3 called it quits, putting an end to their short career at the peak of their success.

Level3 recently made headlines by getting back together for a one-night-only reunion show in their hometown of Austin, TX.
I think I've gone into shock. It's not often fictional boys come to life for you . . .

… (mais)
potterhead9.75 | 5 outras críticas | Jan 5, 2014 |
What could be better than a cross country road trip with your three best friends, or ex-best friends, as the case may be? This book packs so much fun, mayhem, laughter, tears, and girlbonding into one amazing story. I love a book that can deliver unique, kick ass characters, crazy adventures, and music. Reunited delivers all of these in spades!

Alice, Summer, and Tiernan are as different as any three girls could be, but they have two things in common, their love of the band Level3 and the fact that they used to be inseperable. High school, boys, and misunderstandings got in the way and the girls don't talk anymore. Until Alice finds out that Level3, the band they obssessed over when they were younger, is reuniting for one night only. Sure the concert is on the other side of the country, sure the girls haven't spoken in years, and sure a roadtrip in Alice's VW camper van seems like the craziest idea she's ever had, but when has anything been too crazy when it comes to Level3? So with the hopes of reconnecting with her former besties, Alice buys the tickets and sets the plan in motion.

I loved all three girls in this book. Alice was smart, organized, and so determined to make this all work out. Tiernan was sassy and more than a little rebellious. Summer is a rule follower, who also happens to be extremely popular, and a little bit sassy. Initially it's hard to see how the three of them were ever so close, but as the story goes on we learn more about them and their shared pasts, and you really start to see how much these girls cared for each other. And maybe, deep down, still do. I don't want to forget the Pea Pod, Alice's VW camper van, which is just as important a character as the girls. Their friendship, and Level3 obssession, blossomed and endured in that vehicle. And it carries the three of them on some awesome adventures along their trip.

There are a few cute boys thrown into Reunited as well, but it's not really what the story is about and I found myself enjoy the girls journey with each other, even more than I needed the romance. Okay, I'm going to share something that got me totally geeked while reading, feel free to laugh at me. One of the characters has the same name as me. First and last, which is so silly, but I loved it! Haha.
… (mais)
TheBookLife | 5 outras críticas | Nov 19, 2012 |



½ 3.6
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