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My Dog is Better Than Your Dog (2015) 254 exemplares
It's a Doggy Dog World (2016) 192 exemplares
Game Changer (2018) 175 exemplares
Jack Strong Takes a Stand (1800) 75 exemplares
Dog Day After School (2017) 48 exemplares
A Zombie Ate My Homework (2019) 39 exemplares
Rivals (2021) 36 exemplares


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K-Gr 2—This heartwarming transitional book follows Moose, who has one eye, and Bear, who has three legs, two
shelter dogs who befriend each other while waiting for a new home. With cozy illustrations, this tale will charm
readers and show them all about acceptance and seeing differences as strengths
BackstoryBooks | 1 outra crítica | Apr 1, 2024 |
"Moose lived in a big building.
He had lived there for a very long time.
Moose had one eye.
He had two toys.
But he did not have any visitors."

If you're not immediately hooked by this beginning, I don't know what to tell you! Moose is joined by Bear (who has three legs and a ball, but also no visitors). They become friends and are adopted together by a brown-skinned woman who has "always wanted two dogs." Cathy also takes in the cat, Tiger, that Bear and Moose find on the other side of the fence.

As warm as a hug, perfect for animal lovers.

See also: The Kitten Story by Emily Jenkins
… (mais)
JennyArch | 1 outra crítica | Jan 24, 2024 |
Our students love Game Changer for Tommy Greenwald, so I wanted to read this book by him in order to recommend it to students who liked the other book. I also discovered another book, Rivals, that I'll need to read.

Caleb plays football better than anyone, a true phenom. He should be. His father played in the NFL for seven years, which is a long time. Injuries usually sideline players sooner than seven years. He raises Caleb to have manners, to not be arrogant or cocky, concerning his talent. Caleb becomes the starting quarterback for the Walthorne Wildcats (same school as Game Changer) as a freshman. They expect him to take them to the state champions. He feels the pressure, but he truly plays football instinctually and with great skill. Caleb's girlfriend does not like football and rarely sees him play. She's a musician who believes football is too violent. Caleb's mother has little development; her scenes show a strong woman whom the two males in her family listen to when she puts her foot down. Otherwise, she supports both of them without saying much of anything. Caleb's father on the other hand, strongly guides Caleb to understand football, when to be assertive, and when to listen. He lets people come to him and is always polite and charming to fans who recognize him. Caleb has two friends with very small parts in the novel; they are mainly there to show that his time has been limited and they see each other less often, straining the friendship. Last, there is the team. The captain's over the top attitude annoys Caleb, as he constantly pushes the team with stereotypical speeches and behaves as a stereotypical athlete in school and socially.

Caleb's life seems easy. He's naturally talented, but what people don't know is what's happening with his father. He's getting confused and forgetting conversations and information as well as having wild mood swings that are not like him. Caleb's girlfriend tells Caleb about the consequences of the head injuries received playing football, often keeping him from enjoying something he truly enjoys. She's also sympathetic and listens to his fears about his father, but she doesn't back down from her beliefs and forces him to be aware of the consequences. She believes he needs to have knowledge to make decisions. As Caleb's father deteriorates, the team gets closer to the state championship and Caleb feels the stress as he navigates the conflicts.

The novel is focused very specifically on the consequences of repeatedly being popped in football. Can the new safety gear protect football players now better than in the post? Do teams truly stick to protocols and are players honest about hits and follow protocol themselves? Greenwald wants the reader to think about why everyone so enjoys a sport that may ruin lives. He loves football and watches it himself. In the end, everyone needs to come to his/her own conclusion about a sport that captives yet harms.
… (mais)
acargile | Sep 16, 2023 |
This book takes place over the course of a week (August 26 - August 31) with pieces of the puzzle being revealed through Ethan's sessions with a therapist, the football team's group chat, newspaper articles, and dialogue between Teddy's family and his friends. I would offer this book to people who value a slow reveal, or feel comfortable thinking about the nuances of sports and what it means to form a community/at what costs. While not the most uplifting text, there are moments of joy and repentance, with multiple characters ultimately coming forward and owning their actions.
… (mais)
ACLopez6 | 7 outras críticas | Feb 25, 2023 |



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