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Georgia Music (1986) 151 exemplares, 2 críticas
Grandaddy and Janetta (1993) 135 exemplares
Dinosaur Habitat (1998) 105 exemplares, 1 crítica
Grandaddy's Place (1987) 100 exemplares, 3 críticas
Foxy (1984) 82 exemplares
Moonlight (2012) 81 exemplares, 7 críticas
Journal of a Teenage Genius (1987) 54 exemplares
Grandaddy's Stars (1995) 42 exemplares, 2 críticas
Alex and the Cat (1982) 29 exemplares, 1 crítica
Alex remembers (1983) 28 exemplares
Cougar (1998) 25 exemplares
More Alex and the Cat (1983) 21 exemplares
"Mine Will," Said John (1980) 17 exemplares
Emily and the Enchanted Frog (1989) 17 exemplares
Nata (1985) 17 exemplares, 1 crítica
Plunk's Dreams (1990) 14 exemplares
Caitlin's Doll (1992) 11 exemplares
Caitlin's Holiday (1990) 9 exemplares
How Many Candles (1999) 8 exemplares
Dream Meadow (1994) 8 exemplares
Micky (1986) 4 exemplares, 1 crítica
Doll Trouble (1993) 2 exemplares


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The fairy Nata is grumpy because her wings won't work. Several pages of the trouble she causes. The insects and animals around her reassure her that these changes are normal. When her new wings grow she promises to remember, but the toad knows she never does.
Lovely watercolor illustrations given black line definition.
juniperSun | Oct 23, 2023 |
"Jeffs campingsemester i Florida börjar inte så bra som han önskat. Sumpmarkerna, de mörka snåren och havet med alla sina underliga djur skrämmer honom. Helst av allt hade han åkt hem igen.
Men så hittar Jeff en vildhund - ensam, rädd och utsvulten. Han döper den till Mickey och gör allt för att hunden ska bli tam. Just när det verkar som han lyckats, just när de börjar bli verkliga vänner, tränger sig Amber, campingägarens dotter, emellan.
Det är svårt att lita på Amber. Hon vill helst ha Mickey för sig själv och verkar vara beredd att göra vad som helst för att få som hon vill. Men ändå har Jeff svårt att tro att hon skulle stå bakom Mickeys plötsliga försvinnande. "Mickey är död", säger Amber. Men vem skulle väl vilja göra en liten hund illa?"… (mais)
stenbackeskolan | Jan 27, 2021 |
Moonlight is a poem, and I could see this being a writing model for children learning about poems and writing poems themselves. Although this poem rhymes, not all poems do. That could be something expressed to children, but it could also be mentioned that having words that rhyme makes the story flow effortlessly and smoothly.
On top of that, I loved how the author described the moon sliding across the sky as if it was butter. That was golden to me, and it can be used as an example to children that they can use similes in their writing to make it more unique.… (mais)
ctran1 | 6 outras críticas | Oct 5, 2018 |
Even though this is an easy read that is aimed at young independent readers, I think it would work even better as a family read-aloud. It's not action-packed, but there's a lot of emotion & thoughtfulness between the lines. And the lines themselves are much like the illustrations, quickly sketched, with deceptive casualness and a light playfulness. I'd love to discuss, with children, the different points of view of Janetta, Grandaddy, and Momma.
Cheryl_in_CC_NV | 2 outras críticas | Jun 6, 2016 |



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