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Lauren Grodstein lives in New York and teaches writing at Cooper Union
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(eng) Lauren Grodstein published the young adult novel Girls Dinner Club under the pseudonym Jessie Elliot.

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A Friend of the Family (2009) 525 exemplares
The Explanation for Everything (2013) 182 exemplares
Our Short History (2017) 177 exemplares
Reproduction is the Flaw of Love (2004) 89 exemplares
Girls Dinner Club (2005) 72 exemplares
We Must Not Think of Ourselves (2023) 65 exemplares
The Best of Animals: Stories (2002) 21 exemplares
Clube Do Jantar (2007) 1 exemplar

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Elliot, Jessie [pseudonym]
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Lauren Grodstein published the young adult novel Girls Dinner Club under the pseudonym Jessie Elliot.



Based on all the books I've read about WWI and WWII, there were apparently no boundaries to the cruelties inflicted by the Nazis. This book takes place in 1941and 1942 inside the Warsaw ghetto and is told in the first person by Adam Paskow, a Polish teacher and widower.

Adam is a 42-year-old living in a one-bedroom apartment with two families, previously strangers, so they number in 10 tight quarters. Conditions are harsh and food is scare for everyone living in the ghetto under the watchful, cruel eyes of the German police. He does his best to teach any interested children in a makeshift room, and also works for one of the Jewish agencies serving in a soup kitchen. He agrees to interview people in the ghetto about their lives both before and after the war.

This book is well researched and tells the truly heartbreaking stories of Jewish people confined to the ghetto, many of whom were deported to concentration camps. Those who remained were subjected to heartless treatment by Germans. The telling of the stories is difficult to read, but we must in order to honor those who survived and those who perished.
… (mais)
pdebolt | 6 outras críticas | Feb 8, 2024 |
3.5 overall. Well written and it makes you feel exactly what a 43 year old single woman dying of ovarian cancer feels especially in regards to her six year old son.

But I ask you, do you want to spend your free time feeling how she feels?

Me neither.

The author did a great job but only read if you are in the mood for something like this.
hmonkeyreads | 46 outras críticas | Jan 25, 2024 |
A page turner ... I read it very quickly because I wanted to find out why the husband had been banished to sleep in the studio away from his family. I think I only gave it two stars because it turned out to be more depressing than I expected and I'm getting tired of reading dark, sad stories. Having said that, I couldn't put it down; but wasn't thrilled with the ending. This was about two families (friends)with a very nice life (both doctors) coming undone because of the actions of the friend's daughter and the later relationship between that daughter and the main character's son. I know that's kind of cryptic but I don't want to give anything away.… (mais)
ellink | 32 outras críticas | Jan 22, 2024 |
This well written and well researched novel is a look inside the day to day life of the Jewish people inside the Warsaw Ghetto. It is based on the Oneg Shabbot organization that interviewed people in the ghetto who wanted their stories to survive the war and tell the real story of their lives in captivity.

Adam is 42 years old and his beloved spouse had died several years before. She had been from a very rich Polish family and her father convinced Adam that he would help him. In reality, he tricked Adam and took his home and made arrangements for Adam to go live in the Warsaw ghetto where he was forced to live in a small apartment with two families - a total of 10 people. He teaches school for some of the children and works in one of the Jewish agencies., When he's approached by the head of a secret group, he's asked to help them interview people in the Ghetto to get the story of their lives both inside their day to day lives in the ghetto as well as their lives in Warsaw before the war. He begins to document the stories of his friends, students and other people that he meets. One of the people he interviews is the wife of one of the families that he shares an apartment with. She is the mother of two boys and she and Adam fall in love. In 1942, the Germans started to liquidate the Ghetto and send the inhabitants to 'work camps' that were really concentration camps where many of them were put to death. When Adam finds out that there is a possibility of escaping from the ghetto, he has to decide if he'll take a chance and who he will take with him?

This book is well researched. Using some of the interviews from the archives, the readers get a close look at what life was really like for the Jewish people crowded into a small space and policed by German soldiers many of whom enjoyed punishing and torturing the inhabitants. Adam is a complex character who tries to make the best of his life even though he sees very little future for many of the people he deals with.

I read a lot of World War II fiction and this is the first time I've read about the underground group who interviewed so many inhabitants to the Warsaw Ghetto. Many of the documents survived the war and are on display at a museum in Warsaw.
… (mais)
susan0316 | 6 outras críticas | Jan 13, 2024 |



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