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This book is overly long. Plus, it’s gendered when it doesn’t need to be. Normally you would see little purple tractor and think maybe the tractor was the girl but the author heavily uses he pronouns. Since we are talking about tractors, and except for saying mom and dad, they never gendered anything else. There’s no reason for them to gender the tractors. It could’ve been big red, big, yellow, big green, little purple. This book is also extremely wordy for no reason. It’s long and it drags on. This is definitely a lesson book. You’re supposed to learn that finding who you are and what your strengths are is good and showing others how you can help them with your strength while not ignoring the other strengths. It’s quite heavy-handed. This book was OK. It feels like it wants to be Otis and Good Night. Good Night Construction Site however, it misses the heart and the lyrical reading of those two other books.… (mais)
LibrarianRyan | Jan 17, 2024 |
Independent Reading Level: Grades PreK-3
leahedwards10 | 4 outras críticas | Dec 6, 2023 |
Little Red Sleigh is an adorably wonderful holiday read to get you in the spirits!

The illustrations are gorgeous, and we haven't even gotten to the story yet. Erin Guendelsberger has given us quite the gem in a little picture book. This book brings back the charm of Christmas morning for me, with all the holiday spirit and Christmas themed colours (red, white, gold, green!). I absolutely adore this book and I'm totally enchanted by it. It's exactly what I want from a holiday Christmas read.

This little red sleigh wants to help Santa out, because that's what sleighs do! People told her she doesn't do it, but if you just believe there's a chance. Suddenly, our sleigh friend is off on a magical adventure to the North Pole!

I think this is one magical book that should become a holiday favourite! It has so much charm and it's so wonderful! I love it so very much. I highly recommend picking up this book.

Five out of five stars.

Thank you to NetGalley and SourceBooks for providing me a free copy of this book in exchange of an honest review.
… (mais)
Briars_Reviews | 4 outras críticas | Aug 4, 2023 |
Pro: Message of the uniqueness of being you. Embracing that sometimes the smallest things make the biggest different and leave the most impact.
Con: Pages were far too wordy sometimes =/
msgabbythelibrarian | 4 outras críticas | Jun 11, 2023 |


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