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Some very we'll written parts but this story was confusing and hard to follow.
Doondeck | 28 outras críticas | Feb 17, 2024 |
Brilliantly DFW-esque in its bizarre diversions; never quite as good when it returns to the straight and narrow. Will definitely snap up her next one.
alexrichman | 28 outras críticas | Jan 31, 2024 |
I am sick and tired of books about young women having affairs with older and/or married men and coming to regret it. I think I’m officially too old for books like Luster and Rabbit Hutch. Rabbit Hutch is also marred by just plain weird and inexplicably motivated characters and some of the most implausible dialog I’ve ever heard. The scene where Blandine confronts her former lover in the car and critiques their relationship in terms of capitalism had me rolling my eyes. Descriptions of Blandine’s internal organs as her city of Vacca Vale left me scratching my head. I’m clearly not the millennial post-capitalist target audience for this book.… (mais)
Charon07 | 28 outras críticas | Jan 11, 2024 |
(60) "Weird, but good." This was the advice from a colleague who gave me this as an unsolicited lend, and in fact -- I agree completely. A brilliant teenager ages out of the foster care system by dropping out of a prestigious Catholic high school in suburban Indiana after a devastating affair with a teacher. She latches onto bizarre causes as a lifeline, such as environmental advocacy against a development planned in her (crappy) city, and the lives of young Catholic female martyrs such as St. Hildegard. I noticed the author went to Notre Dame and this does not go unnoticed. A liberal mind with a Catholic upbringing resonates with this reader and this drew me in to the book.

This young girl, self christened, Blandine, (after some martyr or other) lives in a housing complex with thin walls and many other humans living lives of quiet desperation. Readers are privy to the lives of the other complex dwellers. Sometimes via quick blurbs featuring just their apartment number - for example "3C: So and so gazed down at their newborn baby with fear, etc., etc...." And sometimes we were in the inhabitants of these apartments minds and lives, even if they intertwined loosely or not at all with the protagonist, Blandine. The old couple who both hated and loved one other was particularly effective. The climactic scene is biblical, and oh-so-bizarre. At one point the scene was narrated via one of the weird minor characters strange comic art.

Really? Normally, I would hate this postmodernist schtick. At one point, BTW, there is even a shout out to 'WTF is postmodernist anyway? Nevertheless, I enjoyed this. It harkened back to the literary lesson I learned from one of my favorite books of all time, Stegner's 'Angle of Repose.' This idea that we are all just where we landed trying to do the best job we can and just barely keeping our heads above water, regardless of our personal circumstances. Amen.

Maybe I underrated this book. But there were detractions, such as plot points that were too random or seemed too contrived. For example, all the excerpts from Hildegard's books. It didn't seem like Blandine was the type of smart young girl who would actually buy that hyper-religiosity. And then - I got confused - who was this Elsie person with the sloth obituary? Versus "Pinky" the guy that was doing the re-development? Versus the weird guy (the son of Elsie) who rubbed himself with glow-sticks? The author spiraled off one too many times for me to keep track of there. But that might just be a 'me' problem.

But the BEST thing about this book was that someone actually drew attention to the phenomenon that I thought only I experienced!! That tingly sensation that one may experience when someone is giving you close personal attention. For me, it typically has to be attention from a little child (?). And it does involve whispering or when the attention-giver seems to be totally concentrating on the task at hand.

… (mais)
2 vote
jhowell | 28 outras críticas | Dec 24, 2023 |



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