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Title: K-RHO: The Sweet Taste of Sisterhood
Author: LaToya Hankins
Publisher: Resolute, LLC
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: 5

"K-RHO: The Sweet Taste of Sisterhood

Book Description:

"K-Rho: The Sweet Taste of Sisterhood chronicles the strength of sorority life for three Copper Road University sophomores. Track star Kiara Michaels didn't expect to find two lifelong friends at her sorority membership interview. But life had other plans, leading her to meet Donna-a Bible quoting straight talker-and Gloria-a loquacious high achiever. In the semesters following membership induction, Kiara confesses a festering secret, Donna steers a bumpy course with her unfaithful boyfriend, and Gloria can't find a love match. When a lustful encounter and brutal assault turn Kiara's collegiate experience upside down, the two friends are her saving grace. Fast-forward ten years later and Kiara can't balance life's increasing responsibilities, Donna has departed a broken marriage, and Gloria can't reconcile feelings of attraction for a close friend. Join Kiara, Donna, and Gloria on a dark, clear night at Copper Road to discover how these friends find happiness through sorority redemption, relationship forgiveness, and best friend intervention as you savor the sweet taste of sisterhood."

What I liked about the novel....

"The Sweet Taste of Sisterhood" was about sorority sisters and was a very interesting read that once you start the reader will find it hard to put down until the end. There was a lots going on this this Kappa Alpha Rho adventure starring Kiara, Gloria and Donna. It was a trip as these girls join a sorority, learning their love interest, personal developments, along with their bad times as well as their good times too. I liked how the author was able to bring out the loyalty to the sorority definitely showing the sisterhood of strong and unbreakable bonds becoming life long friends. I love the details and the experiences that this author shared with the reader. The hazing was quite interesting to read about along with the series of events that were there to test these ladies allegiance.

What I especially liked about the novel....

I found this novel very well written of these women portrayed lives, diversity, love and friendship. You will be able to feel the drama, relate to and even laugh throughout the read. In the end I enjoyed this read of a beautiful friendship and the power of sisterhood. Would I recommend? YES!
… (mais)
arlenadean | Oct 11, 2014 |

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