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Barry Hannah was born in Meridian, Mississippi on April 23, 1942. He received a bachelor of arts degree from Mississippi College in Clinton in 1964 and a master of arts in creative writing from the University of Arkansas. He taught writing at the University of Mississippi for over 25 years. He also mostrar mais worked as writer in residence at the University of Iowa, the University of Montana-Missoula and Middlebury College in Vermont. During his lifetime he wrote eight novels and five short story collections including Airships (1978), Ray (1980), Never Die (1991), Bats Out of Hell (1993), High Lonesome (1996), and Yonder Stands Your Orphan (2001). His first novel, Geronimo Rex, was published in 1972 and received the William Faulkner prize for writing. In 2003, he was given the PEN/Malamud Award. He died of natural causes on March 1, 2010 at the age of 67. (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos

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Airships (1978) 501 exemplares
Ray (1980) 243 exemplares
Yonder Stands Your Orphan (2001) 206 exemplares
Geronimo Rex (1972) 203 exemplares
Bats Out of Hell (1993) 163 exemplares
High Lonesome (1996) 120 exemplares
The Tennis Handsome (1983) 84 exemplares
Men without Ties (1994) — Autor — 83 exemplares
Captain Maximus (1985) 75 exemplares
Hey Jack! (1987) 71 exemplares
Boomerang (1989) 57 exemplares
Never Die (1991) 42 exemplares
Nightwatchmen (1973) 25 exemplares
Airships and Ray (1991) 13 exemplares

Associated Works

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The Vintage Book of Contemporary American Short Stories (1994) — Contribuidor — 469 exemplares
The Granta Book of the American Short Story (1992) — Contribuidor — 360 exemplares
Sudden Fiction: American Short-Short Stories (1984) — Contribuidor — 359 exemplares
The Best American Short Stories 1994 (1994) — Contribuidor — 234 exemplares
The New Granta Book of the American Short Story (2007) — Contribuidor — 205 exemplares
Why I Write: Thoughts on the Craft of Fiction (1998) — Contribuidor — 183 exemplares
A Miracle of Catfish: A Novel in Progress (2007) — Introdução, algumas edições152 exemplares
The Granta Book of the American Long Story (1822) — Contribuidor — 94 exemplares
Extreme Fiction: Fabulists and Formalists (2003) — Contribuidor — 51 exemplares
Best of the South: From Ten Years of New Stories from the South (1996) — Contribuidor — 49 exemplares
Southern Dogs and Their People (2000) — Contribuidor — 38 exemplares
A World Unsuspected: Portraits of Southern Childhood (1987) — Contribuidor — 35 exemplares
New Stories from the South: The Year's Best, 1995 (1995) — Contribuidor — 32 exemplares
New Stories from the South: The Year's Best, 1994 (1994) — Contribuidor — 19 exemplares
Mississippi Writers: An Anthology (1991) — Contribuidor — 14 exemplares
A Portrait of Southern Writers: Photographs (2000) — Contribuidor — 13 exemplares
Cutting Edges: Young American Fiction for the 70's (1973) — Contribuidor — 7 exemplares
The Quarterly, Summer 1994 (1995) — Contribuidor — 2 exemplares


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I grew up in the South when it was still the South, so this book resonated with me. I don't think it would have a wide a appeal though. I like Hannah's writing. It's unique, which is one of its main selling points for me. Kind of reminds me of a toned-down Harry Crews.
MickeyMole | 3 outras críticas | Oct 2, 2023 |
i know, i know. i keep on changing my rating of this one. added another star because i've decided "Knowing He Was Not My Kind Yet I Followed" is in my top 10 favorite short stories ever list. it kills. like a bayonet to the gut. that said, still found the white-maleness of the collection as a whole a bit obnoxious, but that's me.
hms_ | 13 outras críticas | Nov 22, 2022 |
The 20 stories here, averaging 10 pages, are already running together in my memory as a kind of jambalaya of whackjob Southern losers, racists, and two-dimensional women. Sounds awful, especially if like me you're turned off by (almost) all things Southern, but when Hannah's prose takes wing it pulls off mind-boggling manoeuvres. Testimony of Pilot, one of three longer pieces, is a glorious freewheeling picaresque that slots comfortably into my top 3 short stories of the year. Coming Close to Donna and Eating Wife and Friends are vicious little chips of obsidian. But the three Civil War stories did next to nothing for me, and others like Quo Vadis, Smut and the tiring Return to Return just ain't as funny or as clever as they think they are. Overall another collection with very high highs and notable lows, which is better than having neither of those.… (mais)
yarb | 13 outras críticas | Nov 4, 2022 |
I didn't really dislike this book. It just didn't make much of an impact on me. It was like a dream in that the information goes in, but it doesn't stick. If you asked me what it was about, I probably couldn't tell you. I can tell you some of the things that happened, plot-wise. It was funny. The problem is that things would happen and then they didn't happen. I kept wincing at the racial epithets. It may be realistic, but I just don't want to read those words.

I read 'Airships' and liked it. I will try another Barry Hannah book.… (mais)
billycongo | 3 outras críticas | Jul 22, 2020 |



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