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Beth Harbison grew up in Potomac, Maryland and graduated with a BA from the University of Maryland. Harbison wrote four cookbooks and twenty-two Silhouette Romances before hitting the New York Times bestseller list with her first mainstream novel Shoe Addicts Anonymous (St. Martins, June 2007). She mostrar mais followed with Secrets of a Shoe Addict (St. Martins, June 2008), Hope in a Jar (St. Martins, July 2009), Thin Rich Pretty (St. Martins, July 2010) and Always Something There to Remind Me (St. Martins, May 2012). Beth lives in Maryland with her family and dogs. (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos


Obras por Beth Harbison

Shoe Addicts Anonymous (2007) 651 exemplares
Secrets of a Shoe Addict (2008) 354 exemplares
When in Doubt, Add Butter (2012) 343 exemplares
Hope in a Jar (2009) 333 exemplares
Thin Rich Pretty (2010) 212 exemplares
If I Could Turn Back Time (2015) 154 exemplares
Driving With the Top Down (2014) 126 exemplares
The Cookbook Club (2020) 90 exemplares
One Less Problem Without You (2016) 81 exemplares
Every Time You Go Away (2018) 75 exemplares
Bread Machine Baker (1995) 56 exemplares
A Shoe Addict's Christmas (2016) 48 exemplares
His Secret Heir (2001) 23 exemplares
A Pregnant Proposal (2001) 15 exemplares
If the Slipper Fits (2006) 14 exemplares
Diary of a Domestic Goddess (2005) 12 exemplares
Plain Jane Marries the Boss (2000) 12 exemplares
The Secret Princess (2004) 12 exemplares
Falling For the Boss (2006) 11 exemplares
Emma and the Earl (1999) 11 exemplares
How to Get Your Man (2005) 11 exemplares
Annie and the Prince (2000) 10 exemplares
Two Brothers and a Bride (1998) 9 exemplares
A Shoe Addict's Christmas [2018 TV movie] (2018) — Autor — 9 exemplares
In Her Boss's Arms (2007) 9 exemplares
Mission Creek Mother-To-Be (2002) 9 exemplares
Wife Without a Past (1997) 7 exemplares
Midnight Cravings (2003) 7 exemplares
A Dash of Romance (2006) 7 exemplares
Taming of the Two (2005) 7 exemplares
Drive Me Wild (2002) 6 exemplares
Princess Takes a Holiday (2003) 4 exemplares
A Groom for Maggie (1997) 3 exemplares
A Girl Like Her 2 exemplares
Beauty-Tricks (2011) 2 exemplares
Cookbook club, The 1 exemplar

Associated Works

Annie and the Prince (2005) — Original Text — 1 exemplar
In Her Boss's Arms [Manga] (2015) — Original Text — 1 exemplar
A Dash of Romance (2018) — Original Text — 1 exemplar
The Secret Princess (2019) — Original Text — 1 exemplar
Emma and the Earl (2020) — Original Text — 1 exemplar


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Harbison, Beth
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Harbison, Elizabeth
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Perfectly nice fluffy romance. No complaints.
hmonkeyreads | 24 outras críticas | Jan 25, 2024 |
not bad for a summer type read. Nothing earth shattering but read fast.
Asauer72 | 24 outras críticas | Jul 3, 2023 |
If I Could Turn Back Time/Beth Harbison While this book felt cliche at points, this was worth reading and would resonate strongly with any readers who feel like life may have got away.
The premise, that a 38-year-old workoholic wakes up and finds herself 18 again, was really intriguing and a fascinating scenario to think about; however, I wasn't particularly fond of how it was pulled off. The end chapters explained it well enough, though it still felt a little unexpected--NAME hadn't mentioned having any spiritual beliefs or such that would have led to the epilogue.
I did enjoy the scenarios that NAME was put into and the way she dealt with them, being literally an adult in a teenager's body with the outside world having different expectations of her and the way she should act.
This book definitely made me feel old, even at 20, and made me wonder if I'm truly living life the way that makes me happy, which wasn't always a good feeling. If I were older, this might have almost been depressing to read. But the overall message was positive and optimistic.
Overall, though this isn't something I'd go out of my way to recommend, this was a solid book that held my attention.
I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
… (mais)
whakaora | 8 outras críticas | Mar 5, 2023 |
It had its moments. However, it felt like half a story or the first part of a story
shazjhb | 5 outras críticas | Feb 15, 2023 |


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