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Johann Hari is a British journalist. His TED talk, "Everything You Think You Know about Addiction Is Wrong," was one of the most viewed of 2015, and an extract from this book on the Huffington Past about the real cause of addiction went vital globally. Hari has twice been named Newspaper Journalist mostrar mais of the Year by Amnesty International for his reporting from the war in the Congo and the fall of Dubai. He has written for the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, the Le Monde, State, the New Republic, 2nd the Nation, among other international publications. mostrar menos

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Includes an account of Vancouver's Lower East Side and its rising drug abuse. Not pleasant or easy reading.
sfj2 | 26 outras críticas | Apr 26, 2024 |
Well. It was interesting and engaging. How "true" or factual it is? who knows?
... sure, the author investigates real life case studies, but... that's the nature of case studies, if you were to pick five "life stories" out of the about 350 million adult persons living in North America, you could, literally, "prove" anything you wanted.

Does everyone who shoots heroin become addicted? Maybe, maybe not, maybe the chemical hooks are only 17% of the problem, but I somehow doubt it.

Would the cartels go "bankrupt" if drugs were legalized? Maybe, maybe not, but is it realistic to think a society can make hard drugs accessible and not have youths become addicted? I doubt it. Youths do all sorts of stupid things, and if heroin were to be "normalized", more people would do it. And more people would be hooked, and more lives would be ruined.

Is locking addicts up the solution? Probably not.

What is the answer? There are no solutions offered here, just some things for us to think about.
… (mais)
crazybatcow | 26 outras críticas | Apr 14, 2024 |
I loved most of the book, there's been quite some good advice I've been able to use to start healing my focus and I found the sections on how these sites are intentionally made to worsen our attention problems very enlightening. There is however a caveat - the chapter (or was it 2 chapters) on ADHD. Now, I'm not completely against touching on this as the problems with attention and how the environment is made to make it very hard certainly doesn't help people with ADHD, but he comitts all of the cardinal sins; 1) Not neurodivergent, 2) Talks with scientists about ADHD, 3) The scientists are not psychologists, 4) Narrows down ADHD to only being about paying attention, 5) Does not talk to anyone with ADHD or ND organization, 6) Only focuses on children, 7) Talks about cases of children mistakenly getting ADHD diagnosis but all of them are basically cases of gross misconduct by those who did it like a child who got a diagnosis of ADHD because he couldn't pay attention and had been sexually abused. A lot of concern against ADHD medication but really any solution other then that you can improve your attention in other ways, but again attention problems is only one (and maybe not even the biggest) issue people with ADHD have.

So by and large the book was very good, but I did want to write this out. And just as an aside I am SO tired of NTs writing/talking ABOUT US instead of TO US or WITH US. Sigh.
… (mais)
dond_ashall | 19 outras críticas | Feb 7, 2024 |
Another ADD book that I got as an audiobook, but I’m already very discouraged. I don’t like the narrators accent and the book is too boring for anyone with ADD to finish. Like most self-help books, rather than telling you what you could do to help yourself in a nutshell, they pad and expand the book with long stories about this or that person and what they did. Everyone wants to write an ADD book nowadays and they’re very few that are actually helpful for managing ADD.
laurelzito | 19 outras críticas | Jan 28, 2024 |



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