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Shattered: The Asian American Comics Anthology (2012) — Contribuidor — 35 exemplares
Mighty Marvel: Women of Marvel (2011) — Ilustrador — 20 exemplares
Unfettered Hexes: Queer Tales of Insatiable Darkness (2021) — Artista da capa — 17 exemplares


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Data de nascimento
c. 1980
South Korea
Local de nascimento
Seoul, South Korea
Locais de residência
New York City, New York, USA
Falls Church, Virginia, USA
Rhode Island School of Design



I really appreciated getting a deeper looking into the experience of Ha; her struggles in adapting to her new home, sadness over losing what was familiar, and her focus on the particular hardships Korean women have had to deal with were especially eye-opening. This memoir made me feel a whole lotta emotions, and I'd love to read more of Ha's work.
deborahee | 34 outras críticas | Feb 23, 2024 |
(Full disclosure: I received a free e-ARC for review through Edelweiss. Trigger warning for violence, including sexual assault and harassment.)

I greatly enjoyed Robin Ha's graphic novel memoir, 2020's ALMOST AMERICAN GIRL, which detailed her abrupt move from Seoul, South Korea, to Huntsville, Alabama, as a teenager - and her subsequent discovery of comic books, which helped her cope with the isolation and loneliness. As much as I was already anticipating THE FOX MAIDENS, I've got to say - Ha has really outdone herself. This queer, feminist reimagining of the Korean Fox Maiden story is simply breathtaking.

Kai is the youngest of General Song's three children - even though her mother is his first wife. When Meorhu Kim failed to conceive, Tamjin felt compelled to take a second wife, who bore him two boys, Bisap and Jinho; a happy surprise, Kai arrived several years later. Despite her culture's rigid patriarchal norms, the celebrated General Song - slayer of Gumiho, the Fox Maiden responsible for a veritable killing spree - decides to train Kai alongside her brothers. She first learns, then comes to dominate in Palgwaedan; as a teenager, she even joins her father as a detective in the Royal Legion.

Naturally, this doesn't go over well with everyone: not with Bisap and Jinho, nor their mother, Madam Lee; not with General Song's colleagues; and certainly not with many of the villagers. Rumors of sorcery follow Kai wherever she goes. Even Kai's own mother is dismayed by her daughter's inability to act more "ladylike."

However, when General Song's enemies, the Peacekeepers, orchestrate a coordinated attack on the family, it is Kai and her own mother - who, as it turns out, is a surprisingly deadly archer - who drive the invaders away.

Just as things are looking up for Kai - who, against all odds, is able create the nontraditional sort of life she envisions for herself - her mother's closely held secret threatens to upend everything she's built.

I so very badly want to say more, but so much of the joy is in the discovery!

THE FOX MAIDENS is a magical tale that's epic in scope. Kai, Sura, Meorhu, Tamjin, and Gumiho's stories dovetail in ways that are both tragic and uplifting, enchanting and electric. Meorhu and Gumiho are especially compelling characters, and I wasn't surprised to find myself rooting for the 'villains' and 'monsters' in what is essentially a rape revenge story. The artwork is equally masterful: the fox maidens in particular are bewitching, and the full-page panels at the beginning of each chapter are *chef's kiss* tattoo worthy.

THE FOX MAIDENS is an instant favorite, one of my firsts this year.
… (mais)
smiteme | Feb 17, 2024 |
Wonderful memoir by Robin Ha and her experience in being uprooted to America as a teen. Her honest portrayal of the racism she encounters is poignant. She does not fit in at her new American middle school and her new Korean-American step-family in Alabama. She is also isolated from the one person who has always been in her corner -- her single Mom. Robin is lost in much of the novel. Being a teenager is hard enough, but to be a teen who straddles two very different cultures and languages takes its toll on her and her relationship with her mother. But through her own grit and support of her mother, Robin finds hope in experiences such as a piano recital and comic book club and she begins to makes connections with others and carve out a place for herself.

As a parent, I can't imagine the struggle her mother goes through in Korea as a single parent and the drive to uproot herself and her daughter to escape the sexism and traditional expectations of Korean culture in the 1980s and early 1990s.
… (mais)
AnnesLibrary | 34 outras críticas | Jan 28, 2024 |
I've read many books about immigrants and refugees that are deeply harrowing -- many of them describe violence and real danger. This is *not* that kind of book, but it still shook me.

Almost American Girl is about a mother and daughter's journey from Seoul, South Korea, to Alabama. Robin is rudely uprooted from her happy life and thrust into a foreign, unfriendly one. The intensity of Robin's isolation was surprising to me. Despite having a built-in Korean-American family, the loneliness she experiences is hellish. She's bullied at school and by some members of her new family. She has to start 8th grade in a school with no ESL program when she knows very little English.

It is gradually revealed why Robin's single mother decided to move to the US. I really appreciated how Robin's perspective and understanding shifted. She was happy as a young girl in Korea, but comes to understand that Korean culture is not perfect -- why idealize it? American culture is not perfect either but offers advantages, especially for (unmarried) women.

I also really liked that Robin is singularly obsessed with comics and manga. She specifically says she does not care *at all* about Korean soap operas or K-pop, which made me laugh.

I think this would work for readers as young as middle school (Robin is in middle school for most of the story). The themes explored brought to mind [b:Real Friends|31145178|Real Friends (Real Friends, #1)|Shannon Hale|https://i.gr-assets.com/images/S/compressed.photo.goodreads.com/books/1503615816l/31145178._SX50_.jpg|51774817].
… (mais)
LibrarianDest | 34 outras críticas | Jan 3, 2024 |



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