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Sally Hepworth is a writer living in Australia. She started out working in Human Resources and event management. She started writing her first book, Love Like the French, while on maternity leave with her first child. The book tells the story of a British woman who goes to France after an accident mostrar mais leaves her husband in a coma. The character goes to France to see what the French could teach her about living. Her other titles include: The Secrets of Midwives, The Things We Keep, The Mother's Promise, The Family Next Door, and The Mother-in-Law. (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos

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The Mother-in-Law (2019) 1,105 exemplares
The Good Sister (2020) 962 exemplares
The Soulmate (2022) 681 exemplares
The Younger Wife (2021) 562 exemplares
The Family Next Door (2018) 499 exemplares
The Things We Keep (2015) 471 exemplares
The Secrets of Midwives (2015) 444 exemplares
The Mother's Promise (2017) 280 exemplares
Darling Girls (2023) 174 exemplares
Uncharted Waters (2022) 75 exemplares
Soulmate (2024) 7 exemplares
Love Like the French (2014) 1 exemplar


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This is the second time I've read this novel within 12 months. My first review is here. I'm relieved to find that I've given it the same rating.

So why am I reading it again? For discussion with my U3A crime fiction discussion group.

So this time I want to put down some of the things about the book that I want to discuss with them. So Spoiler Alert. Particularly if you have not yet read the book.

Should Stephen Aston be divorcing Pam (his wife with dementia) and marrying again?
Were you shocked at the age difference between Heather and Stephen?
Do you think Heather should have agreed to marry Stephen and then allow him to discard Pam?
How have Tully and Rachel reacted to stress in their lives?
Where did the money in the hot water bottle come from?
Who was Fiona Arthur?
Was Stephen abusive? What evidence is there?
Was Stephen's death justified?
What issues did the book make you consider?
What did you think of the structure of the book: the narration by a person at the wedding; the fact that we know something dreadful has happened but not exactly what; the continued intervention by this narrator; her final toast to Stephen.
… (mais)
smik | 55 outras críticas | Apr 21, 2024 |
Looking for a tense domestic mystery/thriller? Australian Sally Hepworth’s latest might be just the ticket. Read my full review here.

Publication is expected April 23.

#NetGalley #MacmillanAudio #DarlingGirls
joyblue | 17 outras críticas | Apr 19, 2024 |
Sally Hepworth has done it again. THE SOULMATE is the best kind of mystery, with plenty of twisty-turny plot AND characterization.

This book is actually several mysteries written in present and past chapters, told from the viewpoints of two of the main characters. It is easy to follow.

Pippa is in love with her extremely handsome husband, Gabe, in spite of his erratic behavior. Amanda learns to love her filthy rich husband, Max, and asks only for his fidelity. Pippa and Amanda each see the mysteries that make up this story differently. And, more and more, these mysteries are unraveled as the story progresses.

The main mystery involves the cliff outside Pippa's and Gabe's home. This is where many people come to commit suicide, Amanda among them, apparently. Did she really mean to commit suicide? What did she say to Gabe before she jumped or fell? Was this really a murder? What is each of the four of them hiding?

Other reviews of THE SOULMATE call Pippa and Amanda "unreliable narrators." This is true only because they don't know all the facts. Neither does the reader. Even as you try to put them all together, you probably still won't know. THE SOULMATE keeps you guessing.

As past gradually explains present, Hepworth brings the reader closer and closer to the truth. You can try, but I'll bet you don't figure it out until nearly the end.

I won a sweepstakes for THE SOULMATE from AuthorBuzz and the publisher.
… (mais)
techeditor | Apr 18, 2024 |
In the 1990s, Miss Fairchild, an owner of the foster house, appeared to be a kind and caring person who was happy to be a mother to girls who had lost their parents. She was also unpredictable, and it was difficult to determine her mood. And then she became a monster to her Darling Girls.

Three sisters who are not related by blood, but by the foster house where they lived, return to Wild Meadows, where bones were found during excavations. What happened in the foster home many years ago?

During the investigation, everything began to get complicated, and it was difficult to guess who was telling the truth and who was lying. At the top, everyone had their own secrets that added adrenaline to the story. At one point in this book, everyone seemed suspicious to me. The most traumatic moment was the end. Just when I thought everything was resolved, the last two pages changed everything again.

This is what I like most about thrillers. Unpredictable plot twists and a shocking ending.

It’s a great book that I thoroughly enjoyed reading and didn't want it to end.
I highly recommend this book to everyone.
… (mais)
Maret-G | 17 outras críticas | Apr 17, 2024 |



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