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I had purchased this book and then another reading teacher recommended it. She was reading it to her students and my students who are in her reading class kept telling me how wonderful it was. So, yesterday, the first day of the new year I sat and read it cover to cover. This is the story of not only a physical loss, but the loss of trust and belief in someone. When Ben, Dylan and Gerry lose their mother to a terrible car accident their father sells everything they own, buys a sailboat and tells them they will be sailing for a year. There is no discussion, no answering of questions, just the order to pack and go. Fifteen-year-old Ben is angry. He of course sees things from his skewed view as a teenager. It isn't until they have been sailing for about six months and he has decided it doesn't help to argue with his dad that things go from bad to worse. He has been a faithful crewman on his dad's boat the Chrysallis. Each of the boys have certain "jobs" they are required to handle and they must all learn to do everything. Then Ben comes up top to discover their dad missing. Add to that a storm that maroons them on an island and you have a heart-stopping book. I felt bad for the boys the way their father talked to them. However, as a parent and adult I understood the underlying cause that the boys might not understand. The three boys were well developed. You had headstrong Ben, the oldest who felt responsible for everything and had the most trouble with his father. Dylan was a studious son who had the book knowledge that would help in a lot of situations. Then there was six-year-old Gerry who was terrified of the water because he couldn't swim. All of these issues and what happens to all of them made for a story you had to read from cover to cover. Can't wait to talk this up this week at school. It is a must-read.… (mais)
skstiles612 | 19 outras críticas | Jan 2, 2022 |
Buddy is the book that inspired me to name my own Border Collie, buddy. The compelling story of a 3 legged dog being taken care of by a family and was eventually left alone due to a storm. The story was amazing to read as a kid, but looking back at it now it was relatively bland at times. Overall still a good read for a younger audience.
AndrewHN. | 76 outras críticas | Oct 29, 2020 |
Readers should sit back and take notes. After reading this book I felt there was a little more of humanity restored through the decisions that Lil T made. This entire book surrounded a young boy in New Orleans wanting a dog, a car accident that led a dog to him. Lil T did everything he possibly could to take care of Buddy. Then along comes Hurricane Katrina, where Lil T's dad T Jr. forced hi to leave Buddy behind. The process of getting back to Buddy was rough however Lil T kept his faith and knew that Buddy was still alive. The chain pf events that happened after he found out where Buddy was is a true tear jerker and inspiration. I aspire to have that level of selflessness one day.… (mais)
RavenM12 | 76 outras críticas | Mar 25, 2019 |
Buddy by M.H.Herlong was a great book. This story potrays the power of love as Katrina passes over and brings a family to a worrying time of their life. This book starts off with a little boy by the name of Lil'T who desperately wants a dog. As he and his family are on their way to church one Sunday morning they hit a dog by accident. The family made the church aware of the accident and they came together to get the dog proper care. Lil'T even went out of his way to cut grass and sell his video game in order to responsibly care for his three-legged friend. The love Lil"T had for Buddy was astonishing, he stood up for him when negative comments were thrown at him. As Katrina approached they were forced to evacuate their homes, leaving Buddy behind. Lil'T didn't think he would be gone as long as he was due to Katrina. He and his family ended up being stuck in Mississippi for a very long time because New Orleans was destroyed. As time went by all Lil'T could think about is his dog, he grew depressed and lost himself in a sense. When they were finally able to visit New Orleans they found out that Buddy was okay and was rescued and taken to California. Buddy was adopted by a new family, the little boy needed Buddy more than Lil’T did. While visiting California Lil’T had a change of heart and decided to let him stay with the little boy that caught seizures from time to time. Lil’T believed that it was God’s plan and the right thing to do. I really enjoyed how descriptive this book was in regards to attaching readers emotionally on the way Lil’T felt. He never lost his faith and gave up on what he believed in. Although things didn't work out in Lil’T’s favor, he believed it was the right thing to do.… (mais)
RoshaBaptiste | 76 outras críticas | Mar 13, 2019 |



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