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Fotografia de autor. Roman copy of a Greek original of the early 4th century BC,<br> Museo Nazionale Romano, Rome, Italy<br> (Credit: Marie Lan-Nguyen, 2006)

Roman copy of a Greek original of the early 4th century BC,
Museo Nazionale Romano, Rome, Italy
(Credit: Marie Lan-Nguyen, 2006)

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Herodotus was the inventor of universal history. Often called the Father of History, his histories are divided into nine books named after the nine muses. A native of Halicarnassus on the coast of Asia Minor (modern Bodrum, Turkey), he traveled extensively, writing lively descriptions of the lands he saw and the peoples he encountered. Herodotus set out to relate the story of the conflict of the Greeks of his own time against the "barbarian" Asiatic empire of Achaemenid Persia. His long narrative, titled by modern convention The Histories, begins with the earliest traditions he believed reliable. It ends with a highly colored account of the defeat of the Persian emperor Xerxes and his immense army of slaves by a much smaller number of Greeks fighting to preserve their freedom. Herodotus wrote history, but his methods and assumptions were not those of a modern historian, and his work was unjustly rejected by his successor Thucydides as factually highly unreliable and full of inappropriate romance. By his own admission, Herodotus retold the stories of other peoples without necessarily believing them all. This allowed him total artistic freedom and control to create a picture of the world that corresponded entirely to his own view of it. The result is a picture of Herodotus's world that is also a picture of his mind and, therefore, of many other Greek minds during the period known as "late Archaic." During this period, the Greek mind was dominated by reason, the domain of the first philosophers and the observant and thoughtful medical theorists of the Hippocratic school. Traditional beliefs in the gods of Homer and in their Oracles, especially the Oracle at Delphi, also dominated during this period. The literary genius of Herodotus consisted in the art of the storyteller. The stories he chose to tell, and the order in which he told them, provide his readers with a total view of his world and the way in which the will of the gods and the ambitions of humans interacted to produce what is known as history. For this reason the ancient critic Longinus justly called Herodotus "the most Homeric of all authors." Like Homer, Herodotus strove to understand the world theologically---a goal that makes his work difficult for the reader to understand at first. But, in place of Homer's divine inspiration, Herodotus used his eyes and ears and wrote not poetry but prose. Rejecting what is commonly known as myth, he accepted instead "oral tradition" about remembered events. For example, although he believed that the Trojan War had been fought, he could not investigate it beyond what the poets had said. In his view this "ancient history" of the Greeks and the peoples of Asia was not like contemporary history, because the heroes of old who had created it were beings of a different and superior order who had had a different, direct, and personal relationship with the gods. In recognizing this distinction, Herodotus defined for all time the limits of the historian's discipline. (Bowker Author Biography) — biography from The Histories… (mais)
The Histories 9,436 exemplares, 81 críticas
The Landmark Herodotus: The Histories 1,570 exemplares, 20 críticas
The Persian Wars 432 exemplares, 3 críticas
The Histories (Oxford World's Classics) 393 exemplares, 3 críticas
Herodoti Historiae Libri I-IV 280 exemplares, 1 crítica
Herodotus I : The Persian Wars, Books I-II 240 exemplares, 2 críticas
Snakes with Wings and Gold-Digging Ants 162 exemplares, 5 críticas
Herodoti Historiae Libri V-IX (Autor) 143 exemplares
Madness of Cambyses 124 exemplares, 3 críticas
Historiae 1: Clio 122 exemplares, 1 crítica
The Histories (Books 5 to 9) 116 exemplares, 1 crítica
The Histories 98 exemplares, 1 crítica
An Account of Egypt 79 exemplares
Xerxes Invades Greece (Penguin Epics) 75 exemplares, 2 críticas
Historiae 8: Urania 62 exemplares
The Struggle for Greece 47 exemplares, 1 crítica
Herodoti Historiae 44 exemplares, 2 críticas
The Histories (Books 1 to 4) 42 exemplares, 1 crítica
Historiae 3: Thalia 36 exemplares
Historia. Libros V-VI 34 exemplares
Historiae 7: Polymnia 33 exemplares
Historiae 6: Erato 29 exemplares, 1 crítica
Herodotus 25 exemplares
The Penguin Herodotus 23 exemplares
Història. Llibre II 18 exemplares
Herodotus, book II 17 exemplares
L'enquête 13 exemplares
Tales from Herodotus (Greek Texts) 13 exemplares, 1 crítica
Historiae 2: Euterpe 12 exemplares
Tarih 10 exemplares
Zeer korte verhalen 10 exemplares
Veertig verhalen 9 exemplares
Història. II 8 exemplares
Le storie di Erodoto (Autor) 8 exemplares
Historia 7 exemplares
Herodotos, Volume 4 6 exemplares
Herodot i udvalg 4 exemplares
The History 4 exemplares
Histories. Book VI 3 exemplares
El club del hachís 3 exemplares
Egypt 3 exemplares
Storici greci 3 exemplares
História 3 exemplares
Herodotus Book 1 3 exemplares
Història. I 3 exemplares
Història. II 3 exemplares
Erodoto e Tucidide 2 exemplares
Herodots Historie 1 2 exemplares
Return to Atlantis 2 exemplares
Herodotos 2 exemplares
Dějiny 2 exemplares
Historia 2 exemplares
Historia 2 exemplares
Historia 2 exemplares
Història 2 exemplares
Herodots Historie 2 2 exemplares
Història 2 exemplares
Histoires, tome 2 2 exemplares
Historia 2 exemplares
Landmark Herodotus 2 exemplares
Historias 2 exemplares
2: Libri 5.-9. 2 exemplares
The Histories 2 exemplares
Història III 2 exemplares
Histoires 2 exemplares
The Persian Wars 1 exemplar
The History 1 exemplar
Heredot Tarihi 1 exemplar
˜Les œbarbares 1 exemplar
Historias. V. 1 1 exemplar
HISTÒRIA 1 exemplar
HISTORIATEOS 2 1 exemplar
Herodotos 1 exemplar
Història 1 exemplar
Historias 1 exemplar
Ιστορία 1 exemplar
Zgodbe 1 exemplar
HISTORITE 1 exemplar
ΚΑΛΛΙΟΠΗ 1 exemplar
Ουρανία 1 exemplar
Καλλιό 1 exemplar
Historia V 1 exemplar
Historias I 1 exemplar
Historia IV 1 exemplar
Historia III 1 exemplar
Histoire. Tome I 1 exemplar
Historiens grecs 1 exemplar
Historia II 1 exemplar
Historia I 1 exemplar
Historias II 1 exemplar
Storie. Volume 4 1 exemplar
Book VI: Erato 1 exemplar
Herodotus Bk I, 1 exemplar
Herodot 1 exemplar
Histories 1 exemplar
Historiae 1 exemplar
Herodotus Book I 1 exemplar
Book VIII 1 exemplar
Libri I, II 1 exemplar
Dějiny 1 exemplar
Muzen 1 exemplar
Herodotus VIII 1 exemplar
STORIE LIBRO I° 1 exemplar
Introduction 1 exemplar
Index analitique 1 exemplar
Il Nilo 1 exemplar
Storie. Volume 3 1 exemplar
Història I 1 exemplar, 1 crítica
Història II 1 exemplar, 1 crítica
Història IV 1 exemplar
Història (VI) 1 exemplar
Història IX 1 exemplar
Història VIII 1 exemplar
Història V 1 exemplar
Storie vol I 1 exemplar
Storie volume II 1 exemplar
Herodotus, VII 1 exemplar
Jude the Obscure 1 exemplar
Herodotus - 1 1 exemplar
Book IX 1 exemplar
Book VIII 1 exemplar
Herodotus - 2 1 exemplar
Història (VII) 1 exemplar
The Mammoth Book of Historical Whodunits Volume 1 (Contribuidor) 553 exemplares, 4 críticas
The Portable Greek Historians (Contribuidor) 521 exemplares, 4 críticas
Voyages and Travels (Contribuidor) 204 exemplares, 1 crítica
The Moral Life: An Introductory Reader in Ethics and Literature (Contribuidor) 165 exemplares, 2 críticas
Greek Civilization and Character (Contribuidor) 146 exemplares, 1 crítica
The Norton Book of Travel (Contribuidor) 108 exemplares, 1 crítica
Classic Travel Stories (Contribuidor) 61 exemplares
The Book of the Sea (Contribuidor) 36 exemplares
The Lock and Key Library (Volume 2: Mediterranean) (Contribuidor) 17 exemplares, 1 crítica
Cat Encounters: A Cat-Lover's Anthology (Contribuidor) 10 exemplares
Selections from Greek Historians (Contribuidor) 10 exemplares
Stories from Herodotus (Story) 9 exemplares
Griekse geschiedschrijvers (Contribuidor) 6 exemplares
The Realm of the Impossible (Contribuidor) 6 exemplares
Evergreen Stories (Contribuidor) 5 exemplares
Égypte (Compositor) 1 exemplar

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