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David Hewson is a weekly columnist for the Sunday Times.
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Nic Costa is undercover as a Canadian cousin of the ‘Ndrangheta in Calabria; his fellow police officers Gianni Peroni, Leo Falcone, Teresa Lupo and Silvio di Capua, are pretending to be wealthy businessmen celebrating a deal in a pretty Calabrian village. Their real purpose, however, is to bring in the local capo, an elderly man known as El Spettro because he’s ghost-like in his ability to hide; that individual has decided to turn States’ evidence in prosecuting organized crime families in Italy. However, nothing in Calabria is as it seems, and nobody is exactly who they say they are…. This is the 10th and I think most recent (2018) book in the Nic Costa series and it’s full of detail about life in Calabria (a very strange place, by all accounts), while the relationships between the main characters continue to evolve and deepen such that the long-time reader has really come to see them as “family.” I would not suggest starting the series with this book because the reader would miss too much nuance, but the entire series is very well-written, full of tales of the history and peoples of Italy while maintaining a very sharp awareness of here and now; but beware, the whole series has occasional scenes of extreme violence, so the squeamish reader might be forewarned. I haven’t seen anything about a new Nic Costa novel coming anytime soon, but I certainly hope this isn’t the last of them! Recommended.… (mais)
thefirstalicat | 5 outras críticas | May 22, 2024 |
Nic Costa is happy to be renewing his acquaintance with Agata Graziano, formerly a cloistered sister and now making her way in the outside world for the first time, when the distressed cries of a stranger draw his attention. He runs toward the sound and finds a young woman crying next to the body of her father, with a collapsing building over them. It appears to be a very unfortunate accident, where the man fell from an insecure balcony, but soon Nic and his police colleagues discover that the family was a very unusual one and that more than one person wanted the man dead…. I really enjoy the Nic Costa series, of which this is the ninth, partly because of its setting in Rome (for the most part), but mostly because of the relationships between the main characters, who are both friends and colleagues and, in a sense, a family themselves. This book probes the concept of family, both biological and chosen, in a deep way, and in the process deepens the relationships - all while providing an absorbing mystery and a fair amount of historical anecdotes. I think this is a series that should be read in order, but one could start with this one and then work backward, I suppose; in either case, recommended!… (mais)
thefirstalicat | 6 outras críticas | May 4, 2024 |
Rome is in for a bit of turmoil when the current prime minister invites the heads of the G8 to attend a meeting there; much of the city is locked down in anticipation of the event, to the displeasure of residents. Things take a much darker turn when a terrorist cell takes advantage of the attention and launches a string of highly visible attacks, some relatively benign and others deadly. Nic Costa and his fellow police officers are sidelined by both the Carabiniere and the security forces of the Quirinale, the home of the titular head of state, the president, while the real political head of country, the prime minister, is determined to keep all the glory for himself….This is the eighth book in the Nic Costa series, published in 2010 and exploring the possible consequences of a real-life shadowy authority set in place in Europe after WWII with the purpose of preventing the Soviet Union from turning Europe’s countries into communist satellites by steering the public toward voting for conservative politicians - even if they’re fascist ones. Fascinating from a historical point of view, and also fascinating in the ongoing series, which continually deepens and enriches the relationships between the main characters while also providing a window on the politics and social beliefs of Italy in the 21st Century. Recommended.… (mais)
thefirstalicat | 5 outras críticas | Apr 25, 2024 |
When a famed director is set to release his last film, based on Dante’s Inferno, the premiere is disrupted by the online murder of its star and the theft of an ancient death mask, that of Dante himself. The Carabinieri are in charge of the murder investigation, but Falcone and his team are given the task of guarding the remaining artifacts at the new premiere site, San Francisco. Once there, Nic becomes embroiled in the world of Hitchcock’s Vertigo, a film that has more ties to Inferno than it first appears, ties the lead to more mayhem and death….I enjoy the Nic Costa series best when it is situated in Rome, but the occasional trips outside that city are intriguing too. Unfortunately, I lived in San Francisco for many years and the inaccuracies in this book distracted me from the story: for example, one cannot see the downtown skyline with the ocean behind it from above the Haight as the ocean is in the opposite direction, and poison ivy exists on the US East Coast, not in California (where we have poison oak - a minor point, but still). Those annoyances aside, this is a solid entry in the series, while being rather less gory than some of the other novels; I don’t think that one would have to have read the earlier books to enjoy this one, except of course that it is a richer experience if one is already familiar with these characters. Recommended!… (mais)
thefirstalicat | 7 outras críticas | Apr 3, 2024 |



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