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S. E. Hinton was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma and attended the University of Tulsa. Her first novel, The Outsiders, was published in 1967 and changed publishing for young adults by portraying a grittier, more realistic view of the lives of teenagers. It was made into a movie in 1983. Her other young mostrar mais adult works include Rumble Fish, Tex, Taming the Star Runner, and That Was Then, This is Now. Her children's books include The Puppy Sister and Big David, Little David. She has won numerous awards including the Margaret Alexander Edwards Award, the Media and Methods Maxi Award, and the Land of the Enchantment Award. (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos
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Obras por S. E. Hinton

The Outsiders (1967) 20,712 exemplares
That Was Then, This is Now (1971) 2,857 exemplares
Rumble Fish (1975) 1,943 exemplares
Tex (1979) 1,436 exemplares
Hawkes Harbor (2004) 648 exemplares
Taming the Star Runner (1988) 636 exemplares
The Outsiders [1983 film] (1983) — Original novel — 385 exemplares
The Puppy Sister (1995) 189 exemplares
Big David, Little David (1995) 23 exemplares
S. E. Hinton's The Puppy Sister (2010) 9 exemplares
Rumble Fish (Novel-Ties) (1993) 7 exemplares

Associated Works

Wuthering Heights (1847) — Introdução, algumas edições51,470 exemplares
State by State: A Panoramic Portrait of America (2008) — Contribuidor — 515 exemplares
Rumble Fish [1983 film] (1983) — Original book — 59 exemplares
Love Can Be: A Literary Collection about Our Animals (2018) — Contribuidor — 7 exemplares


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Nome canónico
Hinton, S. E.
Nome legal
Hinton, Susan Eloise
Data de nascimento
Local de nascimento
Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA
University of Tulsa (B.S. | 1970)
children's book author
Prémios e menções honrosas
Margaret A. Edwards Award (1988)



try 1: Heavily abridged version, oops. Got to find the real one.

try 2: Success! The things they chose to abridge were really odd, including a lot of the sense of place. I thought it was supposed to be NYC, and then Chicago, but it's really somewhere in the southwest (AZ? NM?).
caedocyon | 671 outras críticas | Feb 23, 2024 |
I didn't know what this was when I started it, but it's an old young adult book. The line "stay golden, Ponyboy" comes from this book. A group of boys who consider themselves lower class, or greasers, tangle with a group of upper class boys, or socials. It's mostly about finding out that people are people with problems and longings no matter what group you put them in. This was written by a woman and there are almost no women in this book, which I thought was strange. I'd say this still holds up otherwise though.… (mais)
KallieGrace | 671 outras críticas | Jan 18, 2024 |
Representation: N/A?
Trigger warnings: Murder and attempted murder, bullying, fire, building collapse, near-death experiences, death of parents in a car crash in the past, smoking
Score: Seven points out of ten.
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I wanted to read this for a while after adding it to my list but I put it off for a while; a few months later I finally picked it up and read it. When I finished it I thought it was one of the few books that were less than 200 pages yet it could still tell a great story which I appreciated and I'll remember this one for a while. It starts with the main character Ponyboy (whose last name I don't know) living presumably somewhere in America with other characters who are part of a group called the Greasers whose enemy is the Socs (I don't know why those two gangs hate each other but oh well. It might be an incident in the past that the novel never mentioned. Or something else entirely.) Everything looks fine initially until an altercation happens forcing Ponyboy to flee somewhere else, and soon enough they find a church where they stay for a few pages of the narrative. Did I mention they smoke a lot? I've never seen a book where teenagers smoke until now (and they still read books, I know some teenagers still read books but most of them don't unless it's required reading.) A few pages later the church burns down nearly killing some characters and I soon discover Ponyboy recovering but nothing much happened save for a heartrending conversation (don't get me wrong, that is a flaw in the book but it didn't ruin my enjoyment in any way) which ends the book on a low note.… (mais)
Law_Books600 | 671 outras críticas | Jan 16, 2024 |
Wow. This book will take some time to process. I love the writing style, voice, message, and story. So, basically I liked everything about this book.

(Read for YA lit class)
Dances_with_Words | 671 outras críticas | Jan 6, 2024 |



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