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Lillian Hoban was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on May 18, 1925. She attended the Philadelphia Museum School of Art, studied dance with Martha Graham, and taught modern dance in New York and Connecticut. She also danced professionally in the 1950's. During her lifetime, she illustrated or mostrar mais wrote more than 100 children's books. Her first publication was a book she illustrated, Herman the Loser, written by her husband Russell Hoban, and published in 1961. She illustrated several of his books including London Men and English Men, Charlie the Tramp, Emmet Otter's Jug Band Christmas, and books about a badger named Frances such as A Baby Sister for Frances. After the couple divorced in 1975, she began writing and illustrating I-Can- Read-Books including Joe and Betsy the Dinosaur, Silly Tilly's Thanksgiving, and a series about Arthur the Chimpanzee and his little sister Violet. She died from heart failure on July 17, 1998 at the age of 73. (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos


Obras por Lillian Hoban

Arthur's Honey Bear (1982) 1,045 exemplares
Arthur's Funny Money (1981) 671 exemplares
Arthur's Loose Tooth (1985) 664 exemplares
Silly Tilly's Thanksgiving Dinner (1990) 658 exemplares
Arthur's Prize Reader (1978) 624 exemplares
Amy Loves the Snow (1989) 604 exemplares
Arthur's Pen Pal (1976) 583 exemplares
Arthur's Halloween Costume (1984) 490 exemplares
Arthur's Great Big Valentine (1989) 475 exemplares
Arthur's Christmas Cookies (1972) 468 exemplares
Arthur's Camp-Out (1993) 438 exemplares
Silly Tilly and the Easter Bunny (1987) 273 exemplares
Silly Tilly's Valentine (1998) 263 exemplares
Arthur's Back to School Day (1996) 239 exemplares
Joe and Betsy the Dinosaur (1995) 219 exemplares

Associated Works

Bread and Jam for Frances (1964) — Ilustrador — 3,786 exemplares
A Bargain for Frances (1970) — Ilustrador — 3,595 exemplares
Best Friends for Frances (1969) — Ilustrador, algumas edições2,086 exemplares
A Baby Sister for Frances (1964) — Ilustrador — 1,794 exemplares
A Birthday for Frances (1968) — Ilustrador — 1,509 exemplares
The Mouse and His Child (1967) — Ilustrador, algumas edições1,059 exemplares
The Day the Teacher Went Bananas (1984) — Ilustrador — 570 exemplares
Emmet Otter's Jug Band Christmas (1971) — Ilustrador — 398 exemplares
The Mole Family's Christmas (1969) — Ilustrador — 383 exemplares
Busybody Nora (1976) — Ilustrador, algumas edições342 exemplares
Will You Be My Valentine? (1993) — Ilustrador — 313 exemplares
Rip-Roaring Russell (1983) — Ilustrador, algumas edições224 exemplares
The Little Brute Family (1656) — Ilustrador, algumas edições188 exemplares
The Brave Little Tailor (An Easy-to-read Folktale) (1977) — Ilustrador, algumas edições187 exemplares
I Never Did That Before (1995) — Ilustrador — 165 exemplares
Egg Thoughts and Other Frances Songs (1972) — Ilustrador, algumas edições140 exemplares
New Neighbors for Nora (1979) — Ilustrador, algumas edições140 exemplares
Nora and Mrs. Mind-Your-Own-Business (Riverside Kids) (1977) — Ilustrador, algumas edições131 exemplares
Charlie the Tramp (1966) — Ilustrador — 130 exemplares
Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas [1977 TV movie] (1996) — Original story — 107 exemplares
A Gift-Bear For the King (1966) — Ilustrador — 98 exemplares
Nothing to Do (1964) — Ilustrador — 72 exemplares
I'm Gonna Tell Mama I Want An Iguana (1990) — Ilustrador, algumas edições66 exemplares
Little Bear Sleeping (1645) — Ilustrador, algumas edições66 exemplares
Like Me and You (1657) — Ilustrador — 66 exemplares
Tikvah: Children's Book Creators Reflect on Human Rights (2001) — Contribuidor — 62 exemplares
"E" Is for Elisa (1991) — Ilustrador, algumas edições50 exemplares
The Stone Doll of Sister Brute (1968) — Ilustrador, algumas edições32 exemplares
What Happened When Jack and Daisy Tried to Fool the Tooth Fairies (1965)algumas edições25 exemplares
The Pedalling Man (1968) — Ilustrador, algumas edições23 exemplares
The Trip, and Other Sophie and Gussie Stories (Ready-to-Read) (1976) — Ilustrador — 17 exemplares
A Bargain for Frances / MouseTales (2002) — Ilustrador — 9 exemplares
Lily Boop (1986) — Ilustrador — 8 exemplares
Strawberry Dress Escape (1975) — Ilustrador — 7 exemplares
The Case of the Hungry Stranger (ican read activity book) (1925) — Ilustrador — 6 exemplares


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Arthur's gone camping. Violet's camping out too, but her friends don't want Arthur around. So Arthur decides to collect slimy things he knows Violet wouldn't like. But he doesn't count on slippery rocks and swooping bats, or hunger pangs. Then he smells hot dogs roasting over a warm fire...
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I like the minimal but amusing impact of the parents on a story that is truly about the kids working things out for themselves.
villemezbrown | 4 outras críticas | Dec 25, 2023 |
Arthur the chimp is a little worried about losing his loose tooth, until his sister and their babysitter show him the real meaning of bravery.
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