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Christine Ammer Author "Fighting Words: The Greatest Generation Finds Its Voice", Author "Fighting Words: 'The Whole Shooting Match'", Author "Fighting Words: Robert E. Lee, Tycoon?", Author "Fighting Words: 'All Quiet Along the Potomac'", Author "Fighting Words: Inspiration from Annihilation", Author "Fighting Words: The Wardrobes of Warriors", Author "Fighting Words: From Davey Jones's Locker", Author "Fighting Words: The Charge of the Write Brigade", Author "Fighting Words: The Color of War", Author "Fighting Words: Surefire Clichés", Author "Fighting Words: Commanding Attention", Author "Fighting Words: The Lexicon of Lock ’Em Up", Author "Fighting Words: From the World Wars to Korea"
Jennifer E. Berry Author "The War-Torn History of the Bayeux Tapestry", Author "Seeing Yellow", Author "Otto Dix", Author "The Art of Futurismo", Author "Remembering the Great War", Author "The Best Defense?", Author "Little Soldiers"
Noah Andre Trudeau Author "Taking a King's Crown", Author "Decision at Five Forks", Author "Needless Valor", Author "Did Lee Doom Himself at Gettysburg?", Author "Hard War on the Southern Plains", Author "Louisiana Quagmire"
John C. McManus Author "In Review: Tonight We Die as Men", Author "In Review: One Minute to Midnight: Kennedy, Khrushchev, and Castro...", Author "In Review: The Second Battle of the Marne", Author "In Review: The Gamble", Author "In Review: We Are Soldiers Still: A Journey Back to the Battlefields of Vietnam"
John M. Taylor Author "The 'Japanese Nelson' Crushes the Russians" and "In Review: Leningrad: State of Siege, Author "In Review: Cry Havoc", Author "In Review: The White War", Author "In Review: Lincoln and His Admirals", Author "Raiders of the High Seas"
Thomas Fleming Author "Getting Away With Murder" and "In Review: War on the Run", Author "A Policy Written in Blood", Author "Escape From Brooklyn", Author "War of Revenge" and "In Review: George Washington's First War", Author "Blinded by Hope"
John Prados Author "In the Dark and Out of Luck", Author "Laos: The Road to Vietnam" and "In Review: Weller's War", Author "The Emperor's Tipping Point", , Author "What World War I Generals Got Wrong"
O'Brien Browne Author "Shooting Down a Legend", Author "Six Days of War Spark Forty Years of Strife", Author "Revolution Unleashed", , Author "Creating Chaos"
Stephen W. Sears Author "Ask MHQ", Author "The Rise and Fall of the CSS Virginia", Author "Antietam 1862: 'The Roar and Rattle'"
C. G. Sweeting Author "Arms and Men: Tank Versus Panzer", Author "Ask MHQ: Of Belts, Sashes, and Silk Net", Author "Arms and Men: Flammenwerfer!"
Jon Guttman Author "Heihachiro Togo", Author "Ask MHQ", Author "Ask MHQ: Who Was Known as the General of Europe?"
Pamela D. Toler Author "Artists on War: War in Miniature", Author "Artists on War: Heroes in Coats, Breeches, and Cock'd Hats", Author "Artists on War: George Caleb Bingham’s “Order No. 11”"
Rod Paschall Author "Scandinavian Twist", Author "Safety in Numbers", Author "Folly in the Philippines"
Jack H. McCall Author "Arms and Men: When Railroad Guns Ruled", Author "Arms and Men: Silent Sentries"
Robert M. Citino Author "Dead on Arrival?", Author "Death of the Wehrmacht"
Vincent P. O'Hara Author "The Unintended Revolution", Author "Ask MHQ"
Adrian Goldsworthy Author "Rome's Disgrace at Adrianople", Author "Can the Counters Be Counted On?"
Bruce I. Gudmundsson Author "Tactical Exercises: Developing the Fire Team", Author "Arms and Men: Shrapnel's Lethal Shells"
Stephen Budiansky Author "Giant Killer", Author "In Review: The Father of Us All: War and History, Ancient and Modern", Author "America'a Coming Out Party"
Paul Lockhart Author "Steuben Comes to America", Author "Guns vs. Pikes", Author "Bunker Hill: America’s Greatest Battle?"
Peter Harrington Author "Artist on War: Women in War", Author "Artists on War: If at First You Do Succeed", Author "Artists on War:‘Our Man in Africa'"
Cecelia Holland Author "Heraclius Brings Persia to Its Knees", Author "Jihad by the Sea"
Robert M. Utley Author "Victorio's War", Author "Border Showdown"
James S. Corum Author "The Chaco War, 1932-1935: Battle in the Barrens" and "Following the Arms Trail", Author "The Persistent Myth of Guernica"
Barry S. Strauss Author "The Fisherman", Author "The War List: Six Ancient Uprisings That Changed the World"
Colin Woodard Author "Quelling a Pirate Revolt," "In the Pirate's Lair" and "History Lesson", Author "The War Over Plunder" and "The Revolution's Band of Brothers"
Jonathan North Author "Taking Tarragona", Author "A Swiss Mercenary in Ireland"
Robert Malcomson Author "The Battle for Little York"
Williamson Murray Author "In Review: To the Threshold of Power, 1922/33"
Byron J. Nakamura Author "Julian's Gamble in the Desert", Author "In Review: The Ghosts of Cannae
Peter E. Cozzens Author "Fooled Again", Author "Ask MHQ"
James E. Held Author "Out of Line, Out of Luck"
James H. Willbanks Author "Ask MHQ"
Jefferson M. Gray Author "In Review: The Great Arab Conquests: How the Spread of Islam Changed the World"
Holger H. Herwig Author "Experience of War: 'Eyeball to Eyeball With the Enemy'"
Allan R. Millett Author "War Behind the Wire"
Chuck Lyons Author "Arms and Men: Simple but Deadly", Author "Victory of a New Order"
Drew Lindsay Author "Last Chance for Peace", Author "Why Not Send Women to War?" [excerpt]
Michael Kranish Author "To Catch a Traitor"
James Creelman Author "Experience of War: Red Sun Rising"
Michael J. Taylor Author "Tactical Exercises: Fear the Phalanx'
Carl Ciovacco Author "Experience of War:'The Worst Day of My Life'"
Bruce Catton Author "A Madman's Business"
C. J. Chivers Author "Everyman's Gun"
Frank G. Casserly Author "Experience of War: England by Sea, Land, and Air"
John W. Osborn Author "Greek Tragedy"
John Chettle Author "Charging Forth With Sword and Pen"
Arnold Blumberg Author "Tactical Exercises: Peltasts: The Other Greek Warriors"
Dennis Showalter Author "In Review: Masters and Commanders"
Thomas B. Allen Author "In Review: The Civil War of 1812"
John Dunn Author "Polish Cavalry vs. German Panzers"
Andrew Roberts Author "Ask MHQ"
Bill Sloan Author "The Road to Seoul"
James L. Nelson Author "Burning Falmouth"
Roger Crowley Author "Bragadin's Defense"
Kimberly Johnson Author "In Review: Wired for War"
Robert W. Larson Author "Gall's Last Stand"
Benny Morris Author "Lashing Back"
Reina Pennington Author "Reaching for the Sky"
John Keegan Author "Reinventing the Battlefield"
William I. Hitchcock Author "The Price of Liberation"
Debra Hamel Author "Citizen Tyrants"
Cynthia Boyd Rush Author "Before the Storm"
Dana B (ed.) Shoaf Author "A Good Plan Gone Wrong"
Richard Tada Author "The End of Athens"
Jeffry D. Wert Author "Lee Takes Charge"
Geoffrey Parker Author "The War List"
Robert Leckie Author "The Battle of Tenaru River"
Léon Gimpel Photographer "Little Soldiers"
Teri Sprackland Co-Author "Wellesley's Trial"
Rick Atkinson Author "The Worst Place of Any
Drew Bratcher Author "When the Blue Met the Gray"
Jeff Shaara Author "Fiction"
Peter Hohnen Co-Author "Deadly Decorum"
Edward S. Curtis Photographer "Soul of the Warrior"
Jeffrey G. Barlow Author "In Review: Neptune's Inferno"
Marie Arana Author "Glory Over the Mountains"
Robert Sprackland Co-Author "Wellesley's Trial"
Peter Duffy Author "Getting the Truth Out"
George T. Dennis Translator "Tactical Exercises: Art of the Siege"
Richard Gabriel Author "Alexander the Monster"
Richard Guilliatt Co-Author "Deadly Decorum"
David T. Zabecki Author "Ask MHQ" and "In Review: Manstein: Hitler's Greatest General"
Ernest B. Furgurson Author "Play It Again, Putzi"
Steven Trent Smith Author "Welcome to China!"
David Sears Author "Inventing on the Fly"
Dennis E. Showalter Author "The Crucible" [excerpt]
Duane Schultz Author "A Strange and Blighted Land"
Alfred S. Bradford Author "Killing Machines"
Donald J. Stoker Author "McClellan’s War-Winning Strategy"
Roger Moorhouse Author "Happy Birthday, Mein Führer"
Max Hastings Author "Ask MHQ: How Hirohito Escaped the Hangman’s Noose"
Lee Sandlin Author "The Last Waltz"
Barbara A. Mitchell Author "America's Spanish Savior"
Shawn Shallow Author "Arms and Men: Underwater Terror"
George Black Author "Gunning for Yellowstone"



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