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Bohumil Hrabal (1914–1997)

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Hrabal worked as a lawyer, clerk, railwayman, traveling salesman, steelworker, and laborer before turning to literature in 1962. In his tragic-comic novels and short stories he concentrates on the everyday lives of ordinary people. Thomas Lask says, "Hrabal shows an offbeat, original mind, a fey mostrar mais imagination and a sure hand in constructing his tales" (N.Y. Times Bk. Review). Hrabal's novel Closely Watched Trains (1965) was made into an internationally successful movie. (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos


Obras por Bohumil Hrabal

Too Loud a Solitude (1990) 1,647 exemplares
I Served the King of England (1971) 1,400 exemplares
Closely Watched Trains (1965) 1,048 exemplares
Total Fears: Letters to Dubenka (1991) 142 exemplares
Cutting It Short (1974) 140 exemplares
Harlequin's Millions: a fairy tale (1981) 128 exemplares
In-House Weddings (1901) 117 exemplares
The Gentle Barbarian (1985) 82 exemplares
Vacant Lot/Gaps (1986) 79 exemplares
Closely Watched Trains [1966 film] (1966) — Screenwriter — 72 exemplares
All My Cats (1986) 63 exemplares
Vita Nuova: A Novel (1992) — Autor — 52 exemplares
The Death of Mr. Baltisberger (1975) — Autor — 41 exemplares
Jan Reich : Praha (1993) — Text — 37 exemplares
Palaverers (1963) 35 exemplares
Joyful Blues/Beautiful Sadness (1979) 35 exemplares
Vuol vedere Praga d'oro? (1964) 33 exemplares
Cassius's Evening Fairytales (1967) 31 exemplares
Verpletterde schoonheid (2002) 31 exemplares
L’uragano di novembre (1990) 29 exemplares
Praagse ironie (2007) 26 exemplares
Murder Ballads and Other Legends (1989) 24 exemplares
Pearls of the deep (1977) 19 exemplares
Verschoven zelfportret (2009) 17 exemplares
Les souffrances du vieux Werther (1993) 16 exemplares
Die Katze Autitschko: Erzählung (1992) 15 exemplares
Life Without a Tuxedo (1993) 14 exemplares
Opere scelte (2003) 13 exemplares
Drie novellen (1997) 13 exemplares
Drie rabiate legendes (2008) 13 exemplares
Bambino di Praga (2003) 11 exemplares
Adagio lamentoso (1992) 11 exemplares
Snowdrop Festival (1981) 10 exemplares
Tři novely (1989) 10 exemplares
Dribbling Stretti (2011) 8 exemplares
Schizofrenické evangelium (1990) 8 exemplares
The Gentle Barbarian (2020) 8 exemplares
Házimurik (1992) 7 exemplares
Beste Karel (2018) 7 exemplares
Die Romane (Quarto) (2008) 6 exemplares
Macska-maszkabál, avagy (1999) 5 exemplares
Moldaviet 29 - Bambini di Praga (2020) 5 exemplares
Pink Cavalier (1991) 4 exemplares
Bohumil Hrabals Lesebuch (1981) 4 exemplares
Comboios rigorosamente vigiados (1990) 4 exemplares
Spazi vuoti (2010) 4 exemplares
Básnění (1991) 4 exemplares
Piękna rupieciarnia (2006) 3 exemplares
Een driebenig paard 3 exemplares
Die Bafler, Erzählungen (1966) 3 exemplares
Perelka na dnie (2012) 3 exemplares
Evangelio esquizofrénico (2018) 3 exemplares
Každý den zázrak 3 exemplares
Mi gato Autícko (2016) 3 exemplares
Búvópatakok (1999) 3 exemplares
Poetry Clubs (2010) 3 exemplares
Listopadový uragán 2 exemplares
Terno Bárbaro (2010) 2 exemplares
Gürültülü Yalnizlik (2019) 2 exemplares
Balony mogą wzlecieć (2009) 2 exemplares
Home Work (2014) 2 exemplares
Aurora on the sandbank (1992) 2 exemplares
Muj svet 2 exemplares
Prague (2000) 2 exemplares
A Lost Alley (1991) 2 exemplares
Prilis hlucna samota 2 exemplares
Pirovanje, Vita nuova, Praznine (1992) 2 exemplares
Pabeni (1993) 2 exemplares
Bar Świat (1989) 2 exemplares
HOVORY LIDÍ 1 exemplar
Perla dosita 1 exemplar
Zsebcselek : interjr︢egňy (2022) 1 exemplar
Moritati i legende 1 exemplar
Toba sparta 1 exemplar
Masinuta 1 exemplar
TRENLER 1 exemplar
Svatby v dome_ 1 exemplar
Prvo šišanje (2007) 1 exemplar
Levelek rilkak (1992) 1 exemplar
Moritaten und Legenden. (1991) 1 exemplar
Jsme jako olivy : novely (2014) 1 exemplar
Ves ttetek legend (1989) 1 exemplar
Alcune parole (1990) 1 exemplar
Hrabal Bohumil 1 exemplar
Židovský svícen 1 exemplar
La perlina sul fondo (2020) 1 exemplar
Erzählungen. ex libris (1984) 1 exemplar
Městečko u vody 1 exemplar

Associated Works

Found in Translation (2018) — Contribuidor, algumas edições36 exemplares
Bibliothek Suhrkamp. Ein Lesebuch, Klassiker der Moderne (1989) — Contribuidor — 8 exemplares
Goed verteld : een verrassende bundel internationale verhalen (1994) — Contribuidor — 5 exemplares


Conhecimento Comum

Nome canónico
Hrabal, Bohumil
Data de nascimento
Data de falecimento
Localização do túmulo
Hradistko City Cemetery, Prague, Czech Republic
País (no mapa)
Czech Republic
Local de nascimento
Brno-Zidenice, Czech Republic
Local de falecimento
Prague, Czech Republic
Causa da morte
fall from window (unclear if accident or suicide)
Locais de residência
Praag, Tsjechië
Charles University, Prague (Law)
short-story writer
Prémios e menções honrosas
Jaroslav Seifert Prize (1993)



A wonderful, horrible, funny and sad story about a young boy, trying to become an adult man during the war. I enjoyed it very much, definitely five stars.
Donderowicz | 26 outras críticas | Mar 12, 2024 |
I didn't realise when I ordered a stack of Hrabal books online that this is the sequel to 'Cutting It Short' and features the same set of characters - so it's quite serendipitous that I left my daughter to select the order in which I read them, and she choose... wisely.

This is just tremendous work; Mary is in it a little less than in 'Cutting it Short' but Uncle Pepin is just as loud, arrogant, and magnificent as ever, and Francin even gets to play a bigger, more interesting role.

A joy to read from start to finish - I only wish there was more...… (mais)
soylentgreen23 | 3 outras críticas | Jan 20, 2024 |
It feels like all of Hrabal's meticulously-told stories are really about something else. Closely Observed Trains was about the loss of innocence in war; All My Cats was about guilt; and Cutting It Short feels like a story of the inexorable march of history, with tradition inevitably being left behind.

This is a marvellous little book about a woman called Mary who tries to be decent but can't quite manage it; her long-suffering husband Francin; and her brother-in-law, Cousin Pepin, who tells the most weirdly amusing shaggy dog stories. There's no real plot here, just a series of vignettes, but taken together it works much better than it should because of Hrabal's incredible writing.… (mais)
soylentgreen23 | 1 outra crítica | Jan 15, 2024 |



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