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Vlad: The Last Confession (2008) 375 exemplares
Jack Absolute (2003) 254 exemplares
The French Executioner (2002) 190 exemplares
Blood Ties (2003) 131 exemplares
The Blooding of Jack Absolute (2004) 130 exemplares
The Fetch (2006) 99 exemplares
Absolute Honour (2006) 94 exemplares
Plague (2015) 92 exemplares
The Hunt of the Unicorn (2011) 72 exemplares
Shakespeare's Rebel (2013) 45 exemplares
Vendetta (2007) 42 exemplares
Possession (2008) 34 exemplares
Fire (2016) 27 exemplares
Chasing the Wind (2018) 25 exemplares

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The Core [2003 film] (2003) — Actor — 181 exemplares


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It is 1536 and expert swordsman, Jean Rombaud, has been brought over from France by Henry VIII to behead his wife, Anne Boleyn. On the eve of her execution Rombaud swears a vow to the ill-fated queen, to bury her six-fingered hand at a crossroads in France. However, in a Europe ravaged by religious wars other powerful forces also want the hand for their own nefarious reasons. So when the he is attacked, left for dead and the hand taken by an Archbishop who witnessed the execution, Rombaud must battle against seemingly insurmountable odds to regain it and fulfil his promise. Rombaud accumulates a colourful assortment of displaced souls along the way equally determined to see him accomplish his goal. So begins a fight between good an evil.

Although this novel is set during the Tudor era, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the main focus of the story was Jean Rombaud and isn't a simple retelling of that period's history. This is a swashbuckling adventure novel with plenty of fight scenes alongside numerous twists and turns with a touch of fantasy thrown in too.

Now I'm always a bit of a sucker for historical fiction and adventures stories in particular but whilst I really enjoyed the swashbuckling elements I felt that the plotting was a little bit off, it seemed overly long with much of the tale simply setting the scene for the next big battle scene rather than having any intrinsic value itself. This is a decent piece of escapism that runs along at a decent pace but nothing out of the ordinary for me.
… (mais)
PilgrimJess | 4 outras críticas | May 1, 2023 |
3.5 stars-I enjoyed The Blooding of Jack Absolute more than this one, which I thought was predictable in parts, but it had enough surprises to keep me reading. The author’s note at the end swayed me to rate it a little higher too-it looks like he did a good deal of research and put a lot of heart into this book. The characters of Jack Absolute, and his blood brother Ate, are good fun, and I will continue to follow this series.
Harks | 20 outras críticas | Dec 17, 2022 |

This should be a book that I love. The fall of Constantinople was a pivotal part of history killing off the final vestiges of the Roman Empire This was an epic but essentially mediocre book.

The hero of the story was Greogas who had his nose cut off as punishment for being suspected of betraying the Constantinople before. He could have been a much more interesting character and I grew weary of his adventures. His ex-wife Sofia had the inner fire of a water bubble for most of the story and annoyed me to no end.

I do appreciate the story not painted as a story of good vs bad ... Turk vs Greek. And the author took to great lengths in the descriptions of crossbows and bows. The prologue was epic in a great way.

So it's an OK book about the fall of Constantinople .. but in the end, I much just prefer the They Might be Giants song about Constantinople.
… (mais)
wellington299 | 7 outras críticas | Feb 19, 2022 |
Plague is one of the best novels of historical fiction and mystery I’ve read in years. The story is not merely set in plague-ridden 17th century England. The disease itself becomes an on-going character, a situation that colors human activities. The three primary protagonists navigate life just above its lowest level. The villain is horrifying. And, despite efforts to keep the streets clean, London streets remain a breeding ground for disease.
Sandra_Wagner-Wright | 4 outras críticas | Oct 28, 2020 |



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