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Young Bess (1944) 384 exemplares
Elizabeth, Captive Princess (1948) 272 exemplares
Elizabeth and the Prince of Spain (1953) 139 exemplares
Still She Wished for Company (1924) — Autor — 73 exemplares
My Little House Sewing Book (1997) 63 exemplares
Royal Flush (1932) 55 exemplares
The Stranger Prince (1937) 50 exemplares
The Proud Servant (1934) 44 exemplares
The Bride (1939) 35 exemplares
Elizabeth Omnibus (1993) 26 exemplares
Bloodstock, and other stories (1953) 13 exemplares
These Mortals (1952) 11 exemplares

Associated Works

The Weird: A Compendium of Strange and Dark Stories (2011) — Contribuidor — 821 exemplares
The Virago Book of Ghost Stories (2006) — Contribuidor — 139 exemplares
Bar the Doors (1972) — Contribuidor — 79 exemplares
Demons (2011) — Contribuidor — 66 exemplares
The House of the Nightmare and Other Eerie Tales (1967) — Contribuidor — 47 exemplares
The Third Omnibus of Crime (1935) — Contribuidor — 45 exemplares
Realms of Darkness (1985) — Contribuidor — 44 exemplares
The Haunted Library: Classic Ghost Stories (2016) — Contribuidor — 42 exemplares
Haunters at the Hearth: Eerie Tales for Christmas Nights (2022) — Contribuidor — 30 exemplares
Bound for Evil: Curious Tales of Books Gone Bad (2008) — Contribuidor — 24 exemplares
Prince of Darkness (1978) — Contribuidor — 16 exemplares
Tales of the Occult (1975) — Autor, algumas edições16 exemplares
The Fireside Book of Ghost Stories (1947) — Contribuidor — 16 exemplares
In the Dead of Night (1961) — Contribuidor — 11 exemplares
The Eleventh Fontana Book of Great Ghost Stories (1975) — Contribuidor — 11 exemplares
Young Bess [1953 film] (1953) — Original novel — 7 exemplares
Demons within, & other disturbing tales (1977) — Contribuidor — 6 exemplares
The Black Magic Omnibus Volume 1 (1976) — Contribuidor — 6 exemplares
The Best from Fantasy and Science Fiction: 2nd Series (1983) — Contribuidor — 5 exemplares
The Masque of the Red Death and Other Tales of Horror (1964) — Contribuidor — 2 exemplares
The Undying Past (1961) — Contribuidor — 2 exemplares


Conhecimento Comum

Nome canónico
Irwin, Margaret
Nome legal
Irwin, Margaret Emma Faith
Data de nascimento
Data de falecimento
Local de nascimento
Highgate, London, England, UK
Local de falecimento
London, England, UK
Locais de residência
London, England, UK
Oxford University
Clifton High School, Bristol
historical novelist
Monsell, J. R. (husband|1927-1952|his death)
Monsell, Elinor (sister-in-law)
Wedgwood, Cicely Veronica (friend)

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Margaret Emma Faith Irwin was born at Highgate in London. Following the deaths of her parents in childhood, she was raised by a paternal uncle, a classical scholar. She attended the Clifton School in Bristol and then Oxford University. In 1929, she married John Robert Monsell, an artist and illustrator of children’s books. Margaret Irwin began publishing stories in 1924, and was awarded first prize in the Historical Novel Competition organized by the London publishers Chatto and Windus for her story None So Pretty in 1930. She went on to establish herself as a successful historical novelist, recognized by readers and critics for her considerable talent. The dustjackets of her books were designed by her husband. Margaret Irwin was a friend of the history scholar and writer Dame Cicely Veronica (C.V.) Wedgwood.



THE DEEP ONES: "The Book" by Margaret Irwin em The Weird Tradition (Dezembro 2021)


james Graham was the Marquis of Montrose. In the dying days of the English Civil war, he raised the monarchists of Scotland to the height of nearly seizing the country. Though a supporter of Scotland against the Stuart forces in "The War of the three Kingdoms", by 1642 he was a staunch supporter of Charles I against Cromwell's Parliamentarians. Winning five field battles he maintained the war in Scotland until defeated by a surpeise attack at Philiphaugh in 1645, and fled to the continent. Invading Scotland again in 1649, he was captured and executed for treason . After the restoration of Charles Ii, his memory was granted an elaborate funeral by that king. He was romantically linked with the sister of Prince Rupert. The novel is well researched and readable.… (mais)
DinadansFriend | Mar 31, 2024 |
This book reads like a history textbook that sometimes has dialogue in it. By the time I gave up reading, nothing had really HAPPENED. There was no insight into what Elizabeth thought about what was happening. There was just stuff being said to happen. I know it was kind of the style when this book was written to tell not show, but it's 2023 and there's a huge amount of novels about young Elizabeth Tudor that are written in an engaging manner while still being historically accurate.
momelimberham | Feb 5, 2023 |



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