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Kathleen Jamie is a part-time lecturer in creative writing at St. Andrews University.

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Findings (2005) 343 exemplares
Sightlines (2012) 294 exemplares
Surfacing (2019) 209 exemplares
The Overhaul (2012) 75 exemplares
The Tree House (2004) 71 exemplares
Autumn: A Folio Anthology (2015) 71 exemplares
The Bonniest Companie (1656) 37 exemplares
Waterlight: Selected Poems (2007) 33 exemplares
Jizzen (1999) 28 exemplares
Queen of Sheba (1994) 19 exemplares

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Although Surfacing is only the second book by [[Kathleen Jamie]] I've read, she's already become one of my favourite essayists and guides to the all too often unseen world around us.

Starting in a cave in the West Highlands, a cave where bone sfrom a bear that lived 45,000 years ago were found, she contemplates the changes in topography since then. Ice ages have come and gone twice. the last one 10,000 years ago. In "the great scheme of things", are we living through "a warm bank holiday weekend" before the glaciers return, or will the earth continue to heat up as Jamie seems to believe?

What the retreat of ice and glaciers has revealed are traces of past cultures, surfacing after hundreds of years. Two of the essays here each capture a village recently revealed, but only for now, both under threat from coastal erosion and wind: Quinhagak Alaska, a village by the Bering Sea, the other a Neolithic farming community in Orkney. Jamie's explorations are usually in the north, "a place of entrancing desolation".

Jamie has been called the leading Scottish poet of her generation. Words and their meaning are critical to her. She contemplates a remark about the early Neolithic farmers, knowing they were only a step away from the wild: I began to wonder what it might have meant to them then, back when 'wild' was a new idea. Did stories linger of a way of life before farming, before cattle raising and sheep? Did 'the wild' thrill them, darkly? Shame them?

Who were the people who lived in these places? What happened to them? These aren't new thoughts, but Jamie builds on them:
By now we number in our billions, have built mega-cities with instant global communications, and send spacecraft to explore unknown shores. We can live to be eighty, ninety, a hundred years old! You early farmers were a success beyond measure. But {now} millions shrink in poverty. Others build high walls and fabricate missiles. Sea levels rise, storm winds are bearing down on us. We are becoming ashamed of our own layer - plastic and waste.

There are other essays here, more personal, from Jamie's own life. How to bring the sound of your grandmother's voice to the surface? a trek to Tibet aborted at the border because how could you know about Tienanmen in a pre internet age? Later there is the death of her father. With each essay another layer is added to the accumulation of her own life, a life these wanderings are simultaneously building and revealing for her.

It's difficult to convey a sense of Jamie's rootedness and introspection, her connection to the earth and the wild, so the best thing to do is just read her and discover it for yourself.
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SassyLassy | 2 outras críticas | Apr 2, 2022 |
I'm so glad to have found Kathleen Jamie - I really love her writing. Another great series of essays.
Grace.Van.Moer | 13 outras críticas | Dec 1, 2021 |
Excellent prose on natural world observations.
Grace.Van.Moer | 8 outras críticas | Dec 1, 2021 |
Sightlines still my favourite but loved a lot of these pieces - been re-reading a lot of them or just dipping in, which is why it's taken so long to finish.
Ma_Washigeri | 13 outras críticas | Jan 23, 2021 |



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