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Catherine Jinks was born November 17, 1963 in Brisbane, Queensland. She received a degree in medieval history from the University of Sydney in 1986. After college, she worked as a journalist and editor before becoming a full-time writer. She has written more than 30 books for both children and mostrar mais adults including Pagan's Vows, Eye to Eye, Piggy in the Middle, The Reformed Vampire Support Group, and The Abused Werewolf Rescue Group. She is also the author of the Pagan Chronicles and Allie's Ghost Hunters series. She has won numerous awards including the Children's Book Council of Australia Book of the Year Award three times, the Victorian Premier's Literary Award, the Aurealis Award for Science Fiction, the Australian Ibby Award, and the Davitt Award for Crime Fiction. (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos


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Evil Genius (2005) 1,336 exemplares
The Reformed Vampire Support Group (2009) 885 exemplares
Genius Squad (2008) 608 exemplares
Pagan's Crusade (1994) 367 exemplares
The Genius Wars (2009) 273 exemplares
How to Catch a Bogle (2013) 248 exemplares
The Abused Werewolf Rescue Group (2011) 218 exemplares
Pagan in Exile (1994) 182 exemplares
Babylonne (2006) 161 exemplares
Pagan's Scribe (1996) 151 exemplares
Pagan's Vows (1995) 151 exemplares
Living Hell (2010) 132 exemplares
A Plague of Bogles (2013) 112 exemplares
The Inquisitor (1999) 102 exemplares
The Notary (2000) 63 exemplares
Eglantine (2002) 56 exemplares
The Last Bogler (2014) 54 exemplares
The Paradise Trap (2011) 48 exemplares
You'll Wake the Baby! (2000) 44 exemplares
Eye to Eye (1997) 42 exemplares
Eloise (2003) 37 exemplares
The Gentleman's Garden (2002) 36 exemplares
Saving Thanehaven (2013) 36 exemplares
Eustace (2003) 33 exemplares
To Die for (2000) 32 exemplares
The Road (2006) 32 exemplares
Elysium (2007) 29 exemplares
Spinning Around (2004) 28 exemplares
Little White Secrets (1997) 26 exemplares
The Secret Familiar (2006) 24 exemplares
The Rapture (2001) 23 exemplares
Shelter (2021) 22 exemplares
The Horrible Holiday (1998) 22 exemplares
The Future Trap (1993) 20 exemplares
Shepherd (2019) 19 exemplares
Witch Bank (1995) 16 exemplares
Piggy in the Middle (1998) 16 exemplares
Bella Vista (2001) 14 exemplares
Charlatan (2017) 14 exemplares
The Dark Mountain (2008) 13 exemplares
The Attack (2021) 11 exemplares
Daryl's Dinner (1600) 9 exemplares
The Stinking Great Lie (1999) 8 exemplares
An Evening with the Messiah (1996) 8 exemplares
Barney (2018) — Autor — 7 exemplares
Traced (2023) 4 exemplares
The Bone Quest saga (1997) 3 exemplares
This Way Out (1991) 2 exemplares
Agan's Crusade 1 exemplar
Freckles (2023) 1 exemplar
Mrs Koala's Beauty Parlour (2023) 1 exemplar


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I began reading this last year and forgot about it, so I picked it up again a few days ago and managed to finish it this time. This is a funny novel. I mean, it's odd. I really wish I'd read it when it came out, in the 90s. I recognise many of the settings, and when this was published, I was of an age with many of the young characters: early 20s, having my eyes opened to great art, classical music, essentially 'The Western Canon'. But this book is a little confused, to me. I think it was meant to be a portrait of a charismatic person and the byzantine social machinations in his orbit. But there was something sneaky about the way one of the storylines ended up being about stalking, and consent. And it was left rather unresolved. So this gets 3 stars for reminding me of my youth, but really 2 and a 1/2 because it didn't end properly.… (mais)
punkinmuffin | Apr 30, 2024 |
I listened to the audiobook version of Evil Genius. It was almost halfway through this long book before things got to be really interesting to me. Were I doing a regular read, I'm not sure I would have stuck it through that long. I say that by way of encouraging others to keep on plugging.
The whole book seemed to be built on a premise like "what if Harry Potter had a much more ambiguous moral compass?" I did find myself frequently thinking, "would I really want young teens reading this?" It wasn't a question of sex or inappropriate language (there is none). Rather, it was just the fairly casual way that the lead character accepted and/or participated in hurtful, illegal actions with almost no qualms or reflection. When he does eventually come around to the "good" side, it isn't because of any great moral conviction but rather out of pique at his erstwhile companions. Not exactly the sort of reinforcement one hopes that young readers are receiving.
I will say that I appreciated the fact that the ending wasn't exactly a complete success for Cadel. Real life rarely has a neat wrap-up, and this story reflects that fact.
… (mais)
Treebeard_404 | 73 outras críticas | Jan 23, 2024 |
Jane is a Covid-19 contact tracer, one of those trying to prevent the virus becoming endemic in Australia. So far her work has preserved her anonymity, but then she comes across a victim of domestic violence who gives Jane enough clues as to the identity of her perpetrator, and to her horror, Jane knows him!

A very engrossing read.
smik | 1 outra crítica | Nov 1, 2023 |
I was under the impression that this was a whimsical, quirky book, but it turned out to be a dark thriller. I didn't care for it, and that's probably a big factor.
Tom_Wright | 73 outras críticas | Oct 11, 2023 |



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