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I received this book to read and review from the Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy Fanatics! I have to say this book surprised me. I went in expecting nothing and then had a lot of fun reading it. Its not a short book but I finished it in a few hours because it kept me hooked. Aside from a few spelling mistakes-which really put me off books- and a few other things, I liked the story a lot. Sloane is a kick-ass character and I enjoyed reading about her. What I missed was the lack of details of on the side characters. We only realized they were in the story when they were included in a scene to interact with Sloane. I loved the concept of a world populated by people who weren't quite human, yet not vampire. The other thing that bugged me was who Nero turned out to be. I don't know why I was disappointed with his identity, maybe I expected it to be Orion. But I loved the little tid bit about Sloane's dad having been of the vampire bloodline. This was also another place where I realized that we were told next to nothing about him. It was just thrust upon us in the last pages or so that he had rage issues. I was like huh? When did THAT happen? Lets see what the sequel brings with it.… (mais)
MiduHadi | 7 outras críticas | Jul 5, 2015 |
The Scarlet Dagger is a fun dystopian young-adult paranormal romance...perfect for a quick easy read. The story is set in what I believe to be the near future after an apocalyptic event that divides the world into two sectors (vampire and human). The heroine of the book is a 17 year old girl and there is quite a bit of action with her kicking some serious butt. There is also the beginnings of a nice romance (this is the first of a series so I imagine, we'll be seeing the romance develop over time)

I really enjoyed the first 3/4 of the book and liked the author's new spin on vampires and human/vampire relations with regards to fear and prejudice but I was disappointed with the final 1/4 of the book. It seemed to me that it was wrapped up too quickly, with too many details left out, making it seem disjointed and almost like a completely different book. Now, that being said, I would still recommend The Scarlet Dagger because the first 3/4 of the book is worth a read. I'll definitely be giving the second book in the series a try with the hope that the author is able to get back to the writing of the middle portion of this book and will spend more time with the story rather than trying to cram the last chapter or two full of revelations and high action.

I gave the book four stars but because I was so disappointed in the ending. I do foresee good things in the future from this author, though.

… (mais)
jsamaha | 7 outras críticas | Mar 14, 2014 |
This is a good book. I don't like cliffhangers, but here the next book was right there like the next chapter. I did find it a little long and had to take a brake between the last two books. A different take on vampires and are they really so different from the humans? I won this book and would like to thank the author.
MaryAlice411 | Feb 13, 2014 |
The Scarlet Dagger (The Red Sector Chronicles #1) by Krystle Jones

This is the first book I’ve read by Krystle Jones, her writing style was easy to read and she told us a good story, I really liked this book and I can see a lot of potential for this series. The descriptions were good and not overly done, good plot, I definitely will be looking forward to reading Dark Horizons book 2.

So we are introduced to 17 year old Sloane McAllister, vampire slayer. She is strong, independent and makes a great heroine, Sloane goal is to find her twin brother Owen who was taken by the vampires and she is unsure if he is dead or alive. Three years ago the world changed dramatically when the Eclipse occurred and the vampires tried to slaughter the human race. This lead to the remaining human living is the White Sector and Vampires living in the Red Sector.

Sloan has trained hard and decides she is going to enter the Red Sector with a weapon called the scarlet dagger which is deadly to the vampires. The guilt she feels deep inside will not allow her to give up hoping that she will find Owen alive.

Shortly after entering the red sector she is attacked and turned into a vampire by Aiden, you just know he is one of the main characters in this book, he is handsome, strong and Sloane of course is very attracted to him. But can she get past the fact that he destroyed her life and has turned her into the monsters she was meant to kill. She has always believed the vampires were monsters, blood thirsty and is she is having a hard time coming to terms with being a vampire. She still wants to get home even though she knows they may want to kill her. She decides to play along with them and get them to trust her knowing inside she is going to leave. She begins to make friendships and starts to fall in love with Aiden.

This novel has romance, drama, friendship and of course the vampires so who wouldn’t love to read Krystle’s book, I for one really enjoyed it. The best part is the villain and I won’t say anymore on that just go read the book.

I want to thank Krystle Jones for giving the Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy Fanatics group the opportunity to read and review your book. It is great that an author gives her hard work away for free for us readers to review. So thank you for the opportunity to read your hard work.

I would recommend this book to all my friends who enjoy reading YA PNR/UF.
… (mais)
TanaT | 7 outras críticas | Aug 7, 2013 |



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