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Mary Karr's memoir, "The Liars' Club," won the PEN/Martha Albrand Award. A poet & essayist, she has won Pushcart prizes in both genres. Her other grants & awards include the prestigious Whiting Award & the Bunting Fellowship from Radcliffe College. Her previous poetry collections are "Abacus," "The mostrar mais Devil's Tour," & "Viper Rum." She is a full professor at Syracuse University. (Publisher Provided) Mary Karr was born in Groves, Texas on January 16, 1955. She received an M.F.A. from Goddard College in 1979. Before becoming a poet and memoirist, she held various jobs in the computer and telecommunications industries. Her works include Lit, The Liars' Club, Cherry, and The Art of Memoir. She has also published four volumes of poetry: Abacus, The Devil's Tour, Viper, and Sinners Welcome. She was a Guggenheim Fellow in poetry in 2005 and has won Pushcart prizes for both her poetry and her essays. She was an assistant professor at numerous colleges and universities including Tufts University, Emerson College, Harvard University, and Sarah Lawrence College. She is currently the Peck Professor of English Literature at Syracuse University. (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos
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The Liars' Club: A Memoir (1995) 3,919 exemplares
Lit: A Memoir (2009) 1,662 exemplares
Cherry: A Memoir (2000) 1,298 exemplares
The Art of Memoir (2015) 608 exemplares
Sinners Welcome: Poems (2006) 184 exemplares
Viper Rum: Poems (1998) 103 exemplares
The Devil's Tour: Poems (1993) 64 exemplares
Now Go Out There and Get Curious (2016) 47 exemplares
Tropic of Squalor: Poems (2018) 36 exemplares
Abacus: Poems (1987) 21 exemplares
El club de los mentirosos (2017) 3 exemplares
Klub Łgarzy 1 exemplar

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Memoir has become a popular field in recent decades. The novitiate often thinks that anyone can write about their own life. The experienced one knows that this task is actually incredibly hard, both in penning the work and in emotionally admitting truth to yourself. Bestselling memoir author and writing professor Mary Karr writes about values and practices she finds helpful. Importantly, she cites other authors alongside her own experience to ground her work not just in personal ingenuity but in universal human knowledge.

Augustine of Hippo wrote the first known autobiography in his Confessions in the fourth century CE. Since then, some humans – whose sanity could be questioned! – have found revealing their inner lives in literature a part and parcel of their writing craft. It seems that Karr has read many of the best of these reflections and shares an exhaustive list in an appendix. She hand picks a favored few to study in depth in many of the 24 chapters. Then she spends some time reflecting on the topic of choice via her own experience in penning three memoirs.

As my only criticism, she spends too much time for me harping on the theme of telling the truth. Now, I am a big fan of the truth – reality is always the best and most steadfast motivator. Indeed, I agree most memoir writers could probably benefit from not straying too far from relating reality as best they can. However, I also work as a scientist, so obsessing about getting it right earns my paycheck and consumes my days. My personal foible in writing is having an entertaining voice. Fortunately, Karr does talk about voice in several chapters, but truth-telling from emotional memories still takes the most eminent, dogmatic place in this book.

Frankly, few people anywhere would be able to write this book. Few have read as widely as Karr has. Further, few have written three successful memoirs. Fewer still teach students how to write memoirs for a living, as Karr does in Syracuse’s MFA program. That’s why this book will remain for some time as a standard that every aspiring author of the genre needs to consult. For those with deeper curiosities, she also lists a handful of other recommended works in the aforementioned appendix. This challenging book is not for the faint of heart, but to those readers who persist, it can lead to stories that last longer and that reach a broader audience. Not bad for any ambitious author…
… (mais)
scottjpearson | 16 outras críticas | Nov 25, 2023 |
I know this is sort of a pinnacle of nonfiction - but I found it to be a bit boring and hard to follow. There were a few great short stories thrown into the bigger picture - but I am still not sure what the bigger picture is and lordy did it take forever to complete this book. I'd give it a 2.5/5 stars, but as that isn't an option, I rounded up.

If you're a writer or a fan of nonfiction, this one is probably already on your radar. Otherwise, I'd recommend passing this one up completely.
BreePye | 78 outras críticas | Oct 6, 2023 |
Emotionally raw and viscerally honest, Liars Club is exactly what we in the 21st century expect from a memoir: a personal recollection of events from a segment of a life, told in a way that makes a complete story. That this is what we expect, is precisely because Karr virtually invented the modern memoir with this book. Highly recommended.
rumbledethumps | 78 outras críticas | Jun 26, 2023 |
A great commencement speech, but not sure it needed to be turned into a book.
rumbledethumps | Jun 26, 2023 |



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