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Rupi Kaur (1) (1992–)

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Rupi Kaur is a Canadian poet, author, illustrator, and performer. With her mother's encouragement, she began drawing at the age of five. She views her life as an artistic journey and has a degree in rhetoric studies. She is a poet and has performed her work internationally. Her debut poetry mostrar mais collection was published in 2014, Milk and Honey. It became a New York Times bestseller. The Sun and Her Flowers is her second poetry collection and was published in 2017. (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos

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Nome canónico
Kaur, Rupi
Outros nomes
ਕੌਰ, ਰੂਪੀ
Data de nascimento
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Punjab, India
University of Waterloo



Rupi Kaur really is out here reclaiming poetry and defining the pathway for herself. i really loved this collection. as always, there’s focus on love, self-love, feminism, immigration and mental health amongst a whole array of other things. i love her simplistic style, it's a style that invites you to look deeper within yourself and uncover your own truth. her words come from a place of genuine self-awareness and brute honesty. it’s uncomfortable to read and sit with, but you're filled with comfort by the end… (mais)
Ellen-Simon | 8 outras críticas | Apr 26, 2024 |
Super powerful poetry. Kaur evokes so much emotion in such few text. Very impressive!
Connverser | 181 outras críticas | Apr 25, 2024 |
PlayerTwo | 181 outras críticas | Apr 20, 2024 |
While I appreciate someone sharing their feelings and life experiences, this was done in poor form. There were maybe two "poems" that actually made me feel something. Mostly it was these generic thoughts that the internet is full of. I didn’t see any need of printing them out.

That would still make me rate this “ok” but the reason I went one star is that I quite disliked the author’s attitude. There is this part where she is offended that her boyfriend tells her that she is better than other girls:

you tell me
i am not like most girls
and learn to kiss me with your eyes closed
something about the phrase—something about
how i have to be unlike the women
i call sisters in order to be wanted
makes me want to spit your tongue out
like i am supposed to be proud you picked me
as if i should be relieved you think
i am better than them

Well first, he told you that you are different, not better but ok...
But if you are so modest as to get offended by this innocent compliment, then what is this:

the woman who comes after me will be a bootleg version of who i am. she will try and write poems for you to erase the ones i’ve left memorized on your lips but her lines could never punch you in the stomach the way mine did. she will then try to make love to your body. but she will never lick, caress, or suck like me. she will be a sad replacement of the woman you let slip. nothing she does will excite you and this will break her. when she is tired of falling apart for a man that doesn’t give back what he takes she will recognize me in your eyelids staring at her with pity and it’ll hit her. how can she love a man who is busy loving someone he can never get his hands on again.

And this was not the only instance of her literary saying that she is better than the other girls…
… (mais)
Levitara | 181 outras críticas | Apr 5, 2024 |



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